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Every woman is unique, and her healthcare should be too.

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Your health and wellness shouldn’t have to take a backseat to everything else happening in your life. At EPIC, we go above and beyond to ensure we can take care of all your needs in our office, in one visit. Living a happier, healthier, better life shouldn’t mean sacrificing your time, or the quality of your care.

Our Treatment Approach

Our care approach and comprehensive services help us to provide exceptional healthcare to women in a caring and supportive environment that ensures your good health and absolute well-being.

Women Healthcare Services

We offer a full spectrum of women healthcare services, including:
  • Gynecology Services
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • 3D Mammography
  • Preventive Health Services
  • Fitness & Nutritional Counseling

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Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently should I get my wellness checkup done?
Routine physical exams are recommended at least once a year for all women. However, if you are suffering from a chronic disease or other health issues, you should see your doctor more often. At EPIC we can help you determine when you need to come in, and often take care of all your needs in one visit.
I am perfectly fine. Why should I go for a health screening?
Most diseases, like heart diseases, kidney diseases and cancer, are silent killers. Regular screenings help you detect diseases early, prevent complications, and improve your quality of life. Regular health screenings also allow us to prevent health issues from becoming chronic conditions.
I have tried all types of diet, but I am still not able to lose my extra weight. Can your dietician help?
Our dietician will work with you to understand your body, your physical routine, existing health conditions and eating habits to create a tailored meal plan that efficiently meets your body’s changing nutritional requirements. While doing so, our dietician ensures that the diet plan and exercise routine seamlessly fit into your everyday life and help you to lose weight in the easiest possible way.
I am really pressed for time. How can I consult your doctors?

We understand you’re busy and we respect your time. To make things convenient, we offer same-day appointments, extended hours, and Saturday appointments to fit your busy schedule.

In addition, we can complete most testing and procedures in our office, which keeps you from needing to make additional appointments, seek out testing facilities, or travel unnecessarily.

Will you be able to cover my multiple health conditions?
EPIC Health offers a comprehensive range of services to help women prevent, manage, and in some cases cure chronic health conditions. Our team works with you to develop a personal wellness plan, and to support you as you manage your health.

EPIC has been providing personalized, comprehensive, state-of-the-art healthcare for over 20 years!

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