Patient Advocacy Center


General Info

The Patient Advocacy Center is the hub of EPIC Health. It touches nearly every area of patient care and contact.

PAC Hours

Monday – Friday

8:00am – 5:00pm

After-hours assistance: Call or Text

Meet the P.A.C.

Janae Green

Patient Advocacy Center Manager



Dominique Davis

PAC Team Leader - Detroit & Hamtramck



Jami Savino

PAC Team Leader - Ferndale & Southfield



Rahib Salah

Provider Support Team Leader



Tegenet Ridgeway

Care Management Team Leader



S-Care Manager



PAC Agents

PAC Agents are the first line of patient contact.  When someone calls an EPIC office, the call center answers the phone.  They answer questions, schedule appointments, direct patients to others as necessary, generally take the brunt of all customer service complaints, and solve problems.  A team of four local agents and nine global agents (three of whom are data gurus) are lead by a PAC Team Lead and assigned to cover two offices.

  • Inbound patient calls
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Customer service
  • Outbound calls


Provider Support

Provider Support is our team of clinically trained employees – both locally and globally – who provide assistance to our providers.  They pre-chart visits (reviewing prior visits to see what procedures may need to be done, preloading billing codes, etc) to help prime the chart for the visit. Post-visit, they review labs and assist providers in going through their inbox. The team is led by the Provider Support Lead, and each provider support employee is assigned to two APPs.

  • Precharting patient visits
  • Results review
  • Inbox review and response


Care Management

 Care Managers provide ongoing monitoring and outreach to our sickest patients.  Anyone with two or more chronic medical conditions should be referred to the care management program.  Care Managers follow up with patients regarding appointments, medication, and care plans.  They work closely with providers, determining if patients need to be seen earlier than expected.  They assist in remote patient monitoring using devices such as scales, blood pressure cuffs, and glucometers.  The Care Manager Lead oversees the team, and the Care Management Assistant helps with scheduling patients and ordering services home care or physical therapy.

  • Enrollment of patients with two or more chronic diseases
  • Follow up regarding care plans, medication, etc
  • Remote patient monitoring (weight, blood pressure cuffs, glucomoters)