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Frequently Asked Questions
What are your office hours?

Our office hours vary by location.
Most locations have extended clinic hours. Click “Locations” to find our exact clinic hours in Ferndale, Detroit, Southfield, and Hamtramck.
Our patients can also access us through various online and offline methods including our patient care portal, through our website, and care coordination centers.

How is EPIC Health different?

At EPIC health, we are committed to continuous care and seamless delivery of healthcare support and services through innovative practices, latest precision medicine pathways, excellent patient service, and the efficient use of technology.

Our healthcare model is both personalized and augmented. It is expertly tailored to your specific care needs. Our caring and compassionate ACT teams work hand in hand to not just treat you but your entire family for a wide range of health issues and disease conditions, empowering and educating you along the way about latest diagnostics and treatment plans for accurate disease treatment and shared decision making.

What is the EPIC I-ACT model?

I-ACT or EPIC’s Integrated Advanced Care Team is a unique healthcare model that’s designed to enhance and accelerate the process of disease diagnosis, especially for patients with chronic health conditions. Backed by advanced research, our I-ACT model helps our expert practitioners to provide unparalleled care and optimal treatment process for complete patient well-being.

Our I-ACT team promotes knowledge, network, and confidence among patients about their health care needs and helps them make informed decisions about their health. Through this, our I-ACT team helps to improve the quality of care, reduce errors, and help patients create an ideal decision care plan.

How will EPIC I-ACT team help me?

At EPIC Health, we have a unique system called the I-ACT Team. This team has been created to provide the best possible care to our complex patients. It consists of a physician, practitioner, medical assistant, care manager and sometimes other health professionals overseeing your care in and out of the office. Our vigilant and highly experienced I-ACT Team is in constant watch over your health and coordinates with you and guides you throughout your journey at EPIC Health. Right from assisting you with patient intake formalities to recording your medical history on Patient Portal and scheduling an appointment with physicians and specialist doctors, our I-ACT guides you every bit of your way. They even help you with you appointments, prescription fill-ups, medication, and set-up reminders for follow up with care co-ordination team to put you on the fastest path of recovery.

I heard EPIC uses a PAC model for healthcare. What is that?

PAC stands for Personalized Augmented Comprehensive Care. It involves the use of digital technologies and augmented reality to change healthcare and everyday medicine for both physicians and patients. It involves the use of sensors, wearables, mobile computing, and Internet of Things (IoT) to continuously monitor a patient not just in a clinic, but also at their homes, offices, and social settings to collect medical data, study the effect of medicines, environment, and physiological factors to help improve health-related outcomes.

What are the benefits of EPIC Health PAC model?

PAC allows for continuous monitoring, engagement, and health management of a patient. Rather than just treating a patient for a disease, it focuses on involving the patient in preventing disease, predicting possible adverse outcomes and preventing them through proactive measures, and keeping them healthy and fit with lifestyle changes. So, rather than chronic disease management, it takes a holistic approach to improving the overall quality of life. Imagine a doctor treating a child being able to have different treatment options pop up on a screen as he looks at different conditions or have growth charts appear around a child during a checkup. So, instead of spending more time reading studies to refine their skills, through augmented care, doctors can now easily pull up all the information they need as they seamlessly treat patients.

How do I schedule an appointment?

If you live in and around Ferndale, please call (248) 336-4000.
If you live in Detroit, you can schedule an appointment by dialing 313-861-4400. In Hamtramck, call 313-369-1500. In Southfield, you can call us at 248-621-9443.
We also offer the convenience of online scheduling. Just fill out our online appointment form and we’ll promptly get back to you with your confirmed appointment.

Do I have to pay at the time of appointment?

Payment for your medical care is requested at the time of service. For your convenience, VISA, MasterCard, and other credit cards, as well as cash, are accepted.       

Is treatment covered by insurance?

Yes. We are in-network with most major insurance providers. We will bill your primary insurance for you. If you have insurance, please note that most insurance plans include an up-front “co-pay” for which the patient is responsible. Your insurance plan may also include a deductible. You may need to call your insurance company to check their payment terms and conditions.   

Do you treat children also?

At EPIC Health, we provide comprehensive healthcare services for patients of all ages, from newborns to geriatric primary care. From newborn exams to immunization and developmental screening, we provide an extensive range of pediatric services under one umbrella. Pediatricians at EPIC Health are board certified and highly qualified to provide your child with the best care available.

What services are available at each location?

We offer a wide variety of services at every EPIC Health center to keep you fully covered and sorted. From in-office testing to diagnostic services, health screening, preventive checkups, wellness exams, and disease prevention and control, our centers and I-ACT team are fully equipped to provide higher level of quality care and affordable service.

Can I directly email the doctors at EPIC Health?

Yes, you can directly get in touch with our doctors through our Online Patient Portal. Not only does it allow you to quickly get in touch with your I-ACT team for all health-related issues and concerns, it also provides you instant access to all your health records, prescriptions, and health reminders.

However, Portal messaging should be used only for non-urgent issues as the turn-around time can vary from 24 to 48 hours. For all urgent matters, please call us at 248-336-4000 (Ferndale)/ 313-861-4400 (Detroit).

How can I join the EPIC Health Community Healthcare Program?

EPIC Health has community-focused patient healthcare centers that provide comprehensive and integrated healthcare support and services to individuals and families in the communities we serve. To ensure that all the healthcare needs of the people in our community are effectively met and their health issues are addressed in a timely manner, we partner with local leaders, private organizations, businesses, schools, colleges, NGOs, volunteers, and more.

To be a part of our EPIC Health Community Healthcare Drive, fill up our Membership Application form and we will get in touch with you in the shortest time possible.

EPIC Health is devoted to the communities we serve. Each of our locations is a community-focused patient healthcare center that provides comprehensive and integrated healthcare support and services to all our patients for highest quality outcomes. Our mission is to provide convenient, affordable, and easily accessible healthcare services to individuals and families in our community. Combining advanced technology with latest diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, cutting-edge practices, innovative research, and a strong network of highly qualified physicians, nurses and allied health professionals, we strive to provide exceptional, high-quality care to all our patients. This has helped us evolve, over the years, from a “traditional” clinic to a comprehensive and integrated healthcare center.

Our hand-picked and aggressively trained Advanced Care Team (ACT) works around the clock to provide the finest, yet thoughtful, care to thousands of patients every day. Our ACT healthcare model consists of a team of various healthcare providers like physicians, advanced practitioner providers, diagnostics team members, dieticians, exercise physiologists, behavioral health counselors, and pharmacists who provide integrated Personalized Augmented and Comprehensive (PAC) care with touch points throughout the continuum of care.

All our locations and specialties are digitally connected to streamline care and continuity for improved health outcomes and uninterrupted communication. Being recognized year after year by many top national and local institutions for having some of the highest quality scores in patient healthcare delivery, we are helping people, and communities as a whole, live healthier, fuller lives. Within a short span of time, EPIC Health has become an integral part of the communities we serve. Our comprehensive and integrated health centers across Detroit, Southfield, and Ferndale deliver streamlined, continuous care. We pride ourselves in being the primary source of care for thousands of families and highly complex groups.

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About EPIC Health

What EPIC Health does:

EPIC Health providers specialize in internal medicine, family practice, pediatrics, and all specialties, including orthopedics, neurosurgery, gastroenterology, cardiology, vascular, podiatry, neurology, and other specialties. We provide healthcare for all, from newborns to adult care and geriatrics. We manage acute and chronic conditions of all types.

History of EPIC Health:

EPIC Health has been taking care of patients like you for over 2 decades. EPIC was formed in 2000, by doctors Greg and Ted Naman. Since then, EPIC has grown into what it is today, adding clinicians, as well as psychologists, podiatrists, exercise physiologists, physical therapists, and dietitians. In 2020, we changed our name from EPIC Primary Care to EPIC Health to better represent the comprehensive healthcare services we provide.

Since our beginning, EPIC Health has developed into a complete healthcare delivery system, from comprehensive primary care practices to world-class specialists, state-of-art healthcare facilities and services, and game-changing care coordination across the care spectrum. Today, we serve the mission of providing quality healthcare through impeccable processes to the communities in which we operate.

How EPIC Health takes care of you:

EPIC Health is a community-led healthcare delivery system. Community-led means that we look out for the people of the community before anything else. The EPIC Health promise is to provide the highest quality of care with a commitment to excellence. Your health and happiness are the primary focus of EPIC healthcare providers

COVID Precautions:

We are taking every precaution within our practices to reduce the risk of infection and the spread of infectious diseases, including COVID-19. This includes offering virtual telehealth visits for certain visits, adding additional sanitation measures within our offices, requiring our staff to wear personal protective equipment, asking patients to maintain social distancing, and more. This means you may experience longer than usual wait times at your next EPIC Health appointment. We are working hard to get things back to normal for our patients while keeping you as safe as possible.

Our Locations:

Visit our locations page for more information about our locations and our provider locator to get more information about our providers. We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our state-of-the-art facilities.