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“You are what you eat” – that’s why, it is important to choose your food wisely and eat a clean, healthy diet that helps you live healthy and overcome your health challenges.

At EPIC, we believe in a preventive medicine approach to help you build stronger immunity, better bones, and absolute health. Through comprehensive nutritional counseling and dietary support services, we make sure that our patients are eating the right food, in the right amount, and at the right time, while also making sure they and are getting all the required nutrients from the food and supplements (as required) they eat. Our personalized diet and lifestyle management services not only allow for a custom plan that fits your dietary and lifestyle habits, but also help you to mitigate all your acute and chronic health conditions in the easiest possible way.

Our Treatment Approach
Guided by a certified and expert in-office nutritional counselor, our personalized nutritional counseling program can help you improve your eating habits and achieve many health benefits. By separating ‘facts’ from ‘fad’, we help you to make practical food choices that are based on scientific breakthroughs, your personal needs, and aid you in improving your overall nutrition quotient.

Our personalized diet plans are created only after obtaining your complete medical history, personal background, drug interactions, genetic risks, pregnancy status, occupational factors, food habits and preferences to make sure nothing comes between you and good health. Our nutritionist works with you, hand in hand, to help you address all your health problems and guides you on how to solve them through diet and lifestyle management.

Nutritional Counseling Services

We offer a vast range of nutritional counseling services, including:

Weight Management Program

Whether you want to trim down your waistline, improve your metabolic health, or adopt a healthy eating approach, our nutritional counseling program is tailored to meet your individualized health goals. Our expert counseling sessions empower you with the right scientific knowledge about diet and nutrition and help you establish a healthy relationship with your food for improved strength, stamina, energy levels, sleep, skin, hair and health.

Our certified nutritionist creates personalized calorie-controlled weight loss diet plans as per your individual needs, preferences, and lifestyle habits so that you can easily fit our diets into your everyday routine without much fuss and effort, and to set you up for nutritional success!

Medical Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional needs of all patients are different, and at EPIC we completely understand that. That’s why we offer personalized diet plans and nutritional therapies to address your specific medical needs. Our registered dietician works with your primary care physician to understand your disease and its severity. We then create a comprehensive diet plan that fulfills all your nutritional needs and helps you improve your chronic condition while developing healthy and sustainable eating habits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will nutritional counseling help me improve my hereditary medical condition too?
Of course. The food that we eat has a huge impact on our wellness. A guided, well developed, and balanced meal plan not only helps you to improve your nutrition quotient, it also helps you gain better control over your chronic and hereditary health conditions, and in some cases, it can reverse those conditions completely.
I am suffering from multiple health issues. What conditions does your dietician help with?
Our dietitian creates diets for a wide range of medical conditions, including diabetes, heart diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, anemia, cancer, hypertension, metabolic disorders and more.

So, whether you are suffering from a hereditary problem or your disease is lifestyle-mediated, we can create a personalized diet plan for you that helps you to live happy and healthy.

I am always on the move and mostly eating out. Can your dietitian still help me create a healthy meal plan?
Yes, of course. We created tailored meal plans that seamlessly fit into your everyday life. So, whether you are at home, in the office, or on the go, we help you to make healthy food choices that lead to good nutrition and health.
How long will you take to help me lose weight?
Weight loss completely depends upon your current weight and underlying medical condition, if any. At EPIC, our registered dietitian will closely look at your eating habits and will help you set new nutrition goals that not only fulfill all your nutritional requirements, but also help you to lose weight steadily and safely. Ideally, you should aim to lose about 1 to 1.5 pounds per week.

Our medical nutrition therapy also empowers you to make positive lifestyle changes that last.

Will I be completely deprived of my favorite food?
Not at all. Most food is fine if eaten in moderation. At EPIC, that’s what we help our patients learn. All our meal plans are created only after keeping your preferences and food choices in mind and we make sure you are never deprived of your favorite foods.
Do you provide specific diet for women too?
Diet plays a huge role in women’s health, through all stages of her life. With the ever-changing nutritional requirements, women need specific eating plans that can efficiently meet their bodies’ changing nutritional requirements.

At EPIC, we create diets to help women meet their varied health needs. So whether you want to ease the symptoms of PMS or want to boost your fertility, increase health in pregnancy or ease out the symptoms of menopause, our dietitian can create a customized eating plan that can help you look and feel at your best.

EPIC has been providing personalized, comprehensive, state-of-the-art healthcare for over 20 years!

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