Why Yearly Physicals Are So Important for Pre-Teens and Teens

We know you always try to make the best choices for your children, whether it’s about education, health, and safety. Your child’s health is always a top priority. We also know that as you get into the pre-teen and teen years, things can get a little more difficult. Your child’s health shouldn’t weigh on you. Let’s take a look at how you can help your child stay their healthiest with yearly physicals.

Many parents are skeptical when it comes to taking their teens for yearly physicals. While most healthcare professionals insist that annual exams are essential, a large number of parents think that it’s okay to skip seeing the doctor when their children are feeling healthy. 

Let’s talk about what happens at an annual physical exam and why it’s essential to get yearly physicals, especially in the teen years.

What is a Yearly Physical?

A yearly physical or annual medical examination is a periodic health assessment. For kids, it involves monitoring physical growth and development. The exam also aims to determine any symptoms or potential risk factors and identify upcoming patient medical conditions.

Periodic medical assessments help teens cope with the changes in their bodies and allow the provider to apply preventive care for any potential health issues in advance.

What Can Parents Expect from Yearly Physicals for Teens?

Adolescents, teenagers, or older children who are transitioning into adulthood may experience many physical changes that can be confusing. They can be worried or anxious. Annual physical examinations are necessary during this phase of life to monitor the child’s physical, emotional, and mental growth and development.

Your EPIC Health provider will carefully measure your child’s growth and assess their health, including their height, weight, growth hormones, and other factors. Tests performed at the yearly physical can include blood tests, urine tests, vision tests, hearing tests, or other tests similar to those done at your own annual visit.

Since adolescence is a critical and sensitive phase of life, children often go through various mental, physical, and emotional conditions. These changes may require extra attention from parents and healthcare providers. Screening for mental health, emotional, and behavioral issues could also be a part of your child’s annual health physical.

Many sports programs have made it mandatory to get periodic physical examinations done to qualify for participation. From that standpoint, regular medical tests can help children take precautionary measures or even treatments if required, to be able to participate in sports.

Taking your child for yearly physicals helps you make well-informed decisions for your child’s health. It’s an opportunity to build a healthy lifestyle for your pre-teen or teen.

The Importance of Yearly Physicals for Pre-Teens & Teens

No matter what age, doctors recommend annual physicals for all, especially for adolescents.

Suppose a child encounters an unexpected illness or injury. In that case, medical history from these exams can help prepare the best treatment approach. Although what happens in an annual physical exam may vary from clinic to clinic and doctor to doctor, it’s best to get these visits done regularly and on time.

What Age Should Your Child Get Annual Physicals?

Although pre-teens and teens are often thought of as healthy and fit, they are also an age when they develop habits that affect their health and life throughout their lifetime. For instance, obesity and weight issues during the teenage years or adolescence can lead to severe medical conditions, including diabetes, blood pressure irregularities, and a range of heart conditions.

With regular physicals, you can provide preventive healthcare and the gift of lifelong health for your child. So, the best age to start is whatever age your child is at now!

Benefits of Annual Health Physicals for Adolescents

Regular health physicals starting at an early age helps to increase health awareness among young people. It also helps build a healthy lifestyle. After all, awareness is the key to disease prevention.

Furthermore, taking preventive measures suggested at yearly physicals reduces the risk of more severe health conditions later in life. Parents can encourage their children to better manage their own health and be more conscious of their habits, food choice, and lifestyle.

Ensure that your pre-teen/teen stays healthy, fit, and active throughout their lifetime. Call EPIC Health or visit our website to book a yearly physical for your child today!! We now have FOUR locations in Metro-Detroit, so there’s an EPIC Health near you!