The new year is a time of renewal and fresh starts. It’s the perfect opportunity to make resolutions, right? But how many of those New Year’s Resolutions actually last past January 1st? If you’re like most people, your resolution list will dwindle as the days go on. What if there were ways to increase your chances of meeting your goal without making it too difficult for yourself? In this blog post we’ll share 5 simple tips that will help turn your New Year’s resolutions into goals and keep you motivated all year long!

Tip One: Make your resolutions specific. 

When you make a resolution, try to be as specific as possible. For example, rather than resolving to “lose weight” in the new year, resolve to lose five pounds by the end of January. This will help keep you focused and on track.

Tip Two: Give yourself a time limit. 

If you don’t want to lose your resolution by spring, give yourself only three months to meet it. This will help keep things on track and make sure that you’re meeting goals at manageable intervals (rather than overwhelming yourself with one giant goal).

Tip Three: Don’t try too hard! 

It’s important to set goals that are challenging, but it’s also important not to push yourself too hard. Set realistic goals that you know you can achieve with a bit of effort. This will help keep your spirits high and avoid frustration if you don’t meet your goal.

Tip Four: Don’t give up! 

You don’t have to be perfect to make progress! If you don’t meet your goal, or you slip up, don’t throw your resolutions out the window. Give yourself some grace and start again!

Tip Five: Make a plan! 

The best way to meet any goal is to create a plan for yourself. Write out your steps and then follow them! You should set small, realistic goals along the way that you can easily achieve using this step-by-step guide so that when it’s time to tackle the big one (your New Year’s Resolution) you’ll be prepared.

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