In recent years the rise of misinformation has led some parents to become worried about vaccinating their children. However, vaccines play an important role in ensuring a healthy childhood.

Reasons to Vaccinate

Vaccines Save Lives

Vaccines not only help protect your child from disease, but they’ve even helped to eradicate diseases like Polio. By making sure your children receive all their vaccinations and get them on time, you can protect them from diseases like chicken pox and hepatitis.

Vaccines are Safe and Affective

Vaccines are safe. The rise of misinformation has caused some parents to question childhood vaccines. But the vaccines given to children and adults are safe, thoroughly researched, and extensively tested.

Vaccines Protect Your Loved Ones

Vaccines protect your child from disease, but they also protect children who are too young to be vaccinated. By following the childhood vaccine schedule, you protect your child from diseases and help reduce the spread of disease to children who are too young to be vaccinated. Vaccines are also important to help protect against diseases being spread from mother to child during pregnancy.

Vaccines Save Your Family Time and Money

Children who get vaccine-preventable diseases like chicken pox can be denied access to school or daycare. More seriously, the side effects of some vaccine-preventable diseases can cause lifelong disabilities. The medical bills, the financial toll of loss of work, and the care required are significant compared to a short office visit for a vaccination.

Vaccines Protect Future Generations

Vaccinations reduce cases of, and sometimes entirely eliminate, diseases that have killed and disabled people in the past. Conditions like smallpox have been eradicated due to vaccines, to the point that children no longer need to get the smallpox vaccine. Continuing to vaccinate children today will protect them from disease and help to eradicate some diseases from future generations.

Childhood Vaccine Schedule

Childhood vaccines are spread out throughout your child’s life based on when they are safest and most effective.

Your healthcare provider will help you keep track of what vaccines your child is due for, what to expect with each vaccine, and vaccinating them.

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