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The American Institute for Preventive Medicine says that Americans spend more time researching car purchases and new appliances than choosing their doctors and health plans. Something that is really unfortunate! People don’t seem to realize the importance of choosing the doctor or practice that is best for their health needs. Most people think that as long as they have good medical insurance, they are good, and choosing the right doctor or practice is secondary.

However, you need to understand that it is very important that you take your time to choose your doctor. You need to consider several factors like hours of access, location, services offered by the doctor’s practice, quality of care, and so on. Today, we’d like to help you make that decision.

Why it is a wise decision to choose EPIC Health?

EPIC Health is the Center of Primary Healthcare for the entire family – which means, from infants to seniors, everyone can be treated here. EPIC Health follows a holistic, team-based approached to healthcare. This means that when you walk into EPIC Health as a patient, you are not merely treated for the symptoms but for the root-cause of the disease. Our physicians, physician assistants, nurses, technicians and other healthcare providers attempt to delve deep into your disease to identify the underlying medical or health conditions. We do this because:

  • We believe in optimal health for the long term, and not just immediate, short-term gains.
  • We believe in being your partner in your wellness, and do our best to educate you about your existing health condition and how you can achieve optimal health; in fact, we empower you to be in-charge of your own health.
  • As your lifelong healthcare provider, our physicians have your entire medical history with them, and even in an emergency, they can provide you with the best care.

Our ACT model of healthcare – Advanced Care Team – consists of various healthcare providers like physician, advanced practitioners,  diagnostics team members, dietitians, exercise physiologists, counselors, and pharmacists who work in close association with each other to provide you holistic care and optimal treatment for all your medical conditions.

At EPIC, ACT care team is assigned to every patient, allowing us to deliver personalized care to help you achieve your health goals.

So, whether you need to lose or gain weight, or need to change your diet because of a chronic health condition, our certified dietician will work with you to create custom meal plans, discuss healthy alternatives to unhealthy foods you’re used to eating, decide on meal portions and so on.

Our exercise physiologist will work with you to create tailor-made exercise regimens if you want to lose or gain weight, or if you are trying to recoup after an accident, debilitating illness or major surgery and want to improve your mobility, and strengthen limbs, abdomen, back, neck, etc. Our exercise physiologist will not only recommend and help you learn to exercise appropriately, they will also guide you on how you can check your progress at home.

At EPIC Health, we offer diagnostic services like blood tests, X-Rays, Ultrasounds and so on, so that you do not have to search for diagnostic centers and shuttle back and forth between doctor and diagnostics. We make it convenient for you by offering this service when you come in for a consultation.

Recently, we have also launched our Pharmacy Service, making your visit to your EPIC doctor even more convenient and simple. Now you can simply pick up your medicines when your consultation ends – or have them delivered at home. You don’t have to run to another pharmacy. As it is integrated with the practice, there is better communication between physicians, nurses and pharmacist, resulting in no errors in filling prescriptions. The EPIC Pharmacy also offers great prices, special discounts, availability of compounded medicines, and various other benefits for its members too.

At EPIC Health, we firmly believe in preventive medicine, achieving optimal wellness, and maintaining it lifelong. We provide comprehensive healthcare services and are committed to Community Wellness.

We adopt Precision Medicine pathways, wherein we use the latest in scientific and medical research to deliver personalized, exact, and the most accurate treatment plans to individual patients.

We have been providing high-quality care to patients for years, and have consistently achieved best-in-class quality metrics. Our care centers and physicians have been recognized for our dedication towards patients and healthcare, and we have received numerous accolades for our consistent delivery of superior care. In fact, we are recognized as the leader in quality healthcare delivery; our care model has been called the ‘Gold Standard’ of patient care.

Here is a list of services we provide:

  • Acute Illness and Injury Care
  • Complex and Chronic Health Conditions Management
  • Diagnostics and Pharmacy
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Wellness Checks
  • Vaccinations
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Nutrition and Fitness Counseling
  • Weight Loss Program
  • Allergy testing and education
  • Women’s Health Check
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Lifestyle Counseling – for teenagers, young- and middle-aged individuals and seniors
  • Alcohol and Tobacco De-addiction

Special Services Offered

  • EPIC Care Coordination Center: Our offsite team coordinates all operations to ensure timely delivery of high-quality care to the patient, so that patients don’t have to wait to be attended to. This allows our patients to enjoy a seamless experience; even if a particular resource is unavailable at our practice, we will make sure that it is made available to you.
  • EPIC Care Connector: We realized that many patients have a huge problem getting to and from the Care Center – more so for senior citizens. To make things easy for such patients, we provide transportation to patients and their families when needed, and also deliver medicines and other equipment as required.

We are Tech Enabled

At EPIC, we’re not only on top of the latest medical research and make use of the latest equipment and medications, we also use the latest healthcare technology to deliver a high-quality care to our patients. This is not only in the form of diagnostics; EPIC Health has various apps that can help you monitor your diet, fitness (exercise tracker), and track if you’re taking your medicines at the right time and right dosage; you’ll also get an alert when you need a prescription refill. Our Pharmacy and practice are all digitally connected, making communication easy – so that there are no errors.

On top of all of this, our approach to our patients is that of a family – we make you feel comfortable, like you’re home. Our doctors and nurses will put you completely at ease and are happy to answer any queries you may have regarding your health conditions.

At EPIC Health, we offer a 360 degree range of healthcare services, so that you don’t have to go anywhere else for any of your primary or urgent care needs. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now to schedule an appointment for a detailed consultation, or just walk in if you need urgent attention!