Did you know the average life expectancy of American men is five years less than that of women? Not only do they die young, as compared to women, they live a sicker life too! There are other statistics that are equally alarming –

  • Every year, one in six men is diagnosed with prostate cancer
  • Nearly 40% men in the US are already struggling with some form of chronic illness
  • More men die of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and liver disease as compared to women
  • 50% men who die of coronary heart disease had no previous symptoms

The only way to prevent most of the health problems that affect men and boys is by raising awareness, scheduling regular screenings, and taking preventive measures. This Men’s Health Month, take these proactive measures to improve your health and ensure long-term wellness and happiness.

1. Take charge of your health

Simple and effective changes in your lifestyle can go a long way in improving your health and longevity. Make concerted efforts to swap your unhealthy eating habits with healthy ones – always choose nutrition-dense foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and Omega-3 fatty acids, limit your alcohol consumption, and drink plenty of water to keep yourself well hydrated all day long.

In case, you are finding it difficult to inculcate healthy eating habits into your busy schedule, seek expert help from certified nutritionists, who can create customized meal plans for you, keeping in mind your health condition, preferences, lifestyle habits, and daily routine. Not only can they help you switch to healthy eating habits, through regular follow-ups, they’ll also ensure you stay on track.

2. Trim those extra pounds

Include exercise in your daily routine. You can start with a 30-minutes brisk walk and then increase the time and intensity as you go forward. You must always vary your exercise routine – your body gets extremely comfortable with the same workout regime. So, walk, swim, jog, play your favorite sport, or hit the gym – keep varying your exercises and bring in a healthy mix of aerobics, muscle training, and stretching to increase your strength, stamina, and flexibility.

3. Prioritize sleep

A sound 7-8 hours of sleep is something that should never be compromised. Whether you have to reschedule your work hours or dodge your late-night TV viewing habits, you must prioritize your sleep above everything else for a happy mind and a healthy body.

4. Quit smoking

Cigarette smoking is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in the US. It harms nearly every organ of the body and causes many diseases, including lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, and respiratory diseases. Quitting smoking can reduce your risk of various health problems as well as increase your life expectancy. So find your reason to quit smoking – your health, your family’s happiness, or whatever inspires you – and take the first step forward. Remember, quitting smoking is not easy, but it’s well worth it.

5. Stress less

Stress is the No. 1 cause for most health problems and lifestyle disorders. It affects your eating, sleeping, and behavior patterns and leads to hypertension and even diabetes. To stay healthy, it is important to stay happy and stress-free. Prioritize your work, plan things in advance and seek help from others if you are struggling to meet your deadlines. Even when at home, try to spend quality time with your spouse, indulge in playtime with your kids, listen to music, practice yoga and go for evening strolls to relieve stress.

6. Keep a check on your mental health

Mental health issues affect more men than you think – nearly 60 million people in the US struggle with mental health issues, including stress, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, sleep apnea, substance abuse, and mood disorders. If you are facing any of the aforementioned symptoms, it is important to get yourself thoroughly checked by a specialized healthcare provider or enroll in mental health counseling sessions.

7. Watch for the warning signs

Our body always signals us whenever there is a problem. High blood pressure, aches, pains, high blood sugar levels and elevated cholesterol levels are all signs of potential health problems that need prompt intervention. Stay attentive of all health signs and symptoms and let your primary care physician know them for timely diagnosis and care.

8. Care for your prostate

Your prostate gland grows and enlarges as you grow older, leading to urinary problems and even cancer. Indulging in healthy low-fat diet can help you slow down the process of prostate enlargement and reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

9. Go for regular, preventive checks

Preventive and wellness checks are one of the most important ways to track your health and ensure overall well being. It aims to identify underlying diseases and minimize risk factors early on. Not only are preventive health checks more economical than treating diseases, it is also far less stressing. So, invest in regular annual preventive health checkup to endorse healthy living and timely detection and treatment of diseases.

10. Get in touch with an expert

Finding a good primary health care provider is as important as taking preventive measures to keep a tab on your health. With a complete track of your health profile, past medical history, and treatment information, your doctor knows your body inside-out and can help in effective healthcare management for improved outcomes. So, get in touch with a good healthcare provider that can help you achieve an overall state of well being.

This Men’s Health Month, make your health a priority and ensure happiness and well being life-long.