With snow covering the ground more often, people are thinking ahead about their winter health concerns. One of the easiest ways to boost your health is getting the flu shot. The flu shot is safe, helps protect you from the flu, and you cannot get the flu from getting the vaccine.  

The flu visits us each year. We’re so used to flu season that it can fail to grab our attention at times. The COVID-19 pandemic is one event that’s stolen the flu’s thunder but can’t take away from its impact. Likewise, the year’s rollout of various COVID vaccines has taken the spotlight off the flu shot. However, the flu is still out there, and being protected from it means that your immune system will be stronger.  

The flu shot is reformulated every year to protect against new strains of the flu. A flu shot is recommended for anyone six months and older by the CDC. 

There are multiple kinds of flu vaccine available, and certain types are restricted to people based on age. At EPIC, we offer vaccines for infants, teens/adults, and a formula for adults 65+.  

Finally, here are some best practices to help keep you and those around you well during flu season: 

1. Stay home if you’re feeling under the weather

The flu shot can prevent contracting the flu, but not always – in some cases it only reduces symptoms. Also, the during two-week period after vaccination, your immune system will not yet be producing antibodies at full volume.  

Whether you’ve had an up-to-date flu shot this year or not, you should self-isolate if you show symptoms. It’s the best way to ensure that you don’t pass on the flu. Staying home and resting also lets your body use more resources in running your immune system. If you’re unable to avoid going out, stick to the essentials. Once your symptoms subside, you should still wait 24 hours before going out in public. 

2. Avoid contact with your mouth and nose and wash your hands

You can spread the flu by touching your mouth and nose, or you can catch it the same way, so notice your body and your surroundings when out and about. Catch coughs and sneezes in your elbow or a tissue. Use regular handwashing to keep your hands clean of anything you might spread or contract. 

3. Boost your immune system with exercise, vitamins, and nutritious whole foods

Beyond the preventative actions that you can take this flu season, anything that helps you keep feeling your best will help give your immune system extra support. If there are parts of your lifestyle where you’ve struggled to be healthy, we can make recommendations for how to change those things gradually and smoothly. Being healthy shouldn’t feel like a burden – incorporating more exercise, vitamins, and healthy foods into your life is great, but you should never feel like you’re doing something wrong if you struggle to juggle healthy habits with life’s demands. 

This past year has been a wake-up call for people to take responsibility for their health and to be proactive in caring for themselves and their families. Let us help you take a step in that direction – we can schedule you for your flu shot and help make a lifestyle plan to reach your health goals. We’re focused on using every resource to not only treat symptoms, but to support you with preventative care.   

It’s not too late to get vaccinated in time for holiday festivities and fun! Contact EPIC Health today!