Spring break is finally here – a welcoming respite to a year-long chaos of virtual schools, tiring work-from-home routines, and endless winter dismay. The year has been unbelievably long for parents and kids alike, and all of us are eagerly looking forward to at least a week-long surreal break from work and home. But with the second wave of coronavirus hitting us hard, is this year’s spring break travel safe enough? 

While the CDC advises everyone to cancel or delay their travel plans until 2022, with our work and personal lives colliding, there are a lot of us who are in a bad need of some sort of mental health break. Though a change of scene or place is good for your mental health, is spring travel a safe bet? Are there any safer ways to enjoy your spring break than travel?  

Well, of course. There are a plenty of safer ways to enjoy your spring break while staying within the safe confinements of your homes. So, don’t let busy schedule and hectic work hours leave you stressed and overwhelmed, take some time away from your routine to boost your mental health, recalibrate your body, and rejuvenate your senses. Here is a 7-day fool-proof spring break plan that can help you and your family rejuvenate and start afresh. 

Day #1: Plan a Day of Self Care

If you are planning to take a week-long spring break from work, assign one exclusive day toward self-care. Exercise, meditate, and stretch – bring in an easy-to-follow exercise schedule to pamper your senses. Eat healthy, hearty food and enjoy a plenty of sleep and some exclusive family-time. This will help you boost your mental health, immunity and resilience. 

Utilize this day to plan a family brainstorming session to know how others in the family, especially your kids, intend to spend their indoor spring break. Steal some ideas and arrange a perfect ‘staycation’ for you and your family.  

Day #2: Plan an Indoor Safari

Sounds exciting, isn’t it? Well you don’t always have to climb mountains and cross rivers to explore our rich biodiversity. It could very well be done at the backyards of your house. So plan an indoor safari at home, climb to the backyard of your house to explore the depths of the “pocket worlds” and spot the rich flora and fauna they’re home to. Turn over rocks, peer under logs, and search along the pockets of the trees to check out the number of critters inhabiting the place. Don’t forget to fill your backpacks with snacks, water bottles, magnifying glass, notebooks and other gears that you’ll need while on your day of bioblitz.     

Day #3: Travel Overseas

Which destination were you planning to visit during this spring break? Egypt? Switzerland? Or Bahamas? Whichever place it may be; you can always create a perfect destination travel without moving out of the house. Do a well-grounded research about your dream destination and rearrange your house to suit the mood. Use pillows and other furniture to create a traditional setting and eat, play and live like families do in that country. Practice local culture, learn their etiquettes, cook their cultural food, and play traditional games to bring in those vacation vibes. 

Day #4 Indulge in a Hobby

Pick up on a long lost hobby to refurbish your old forgotten skills. Painting, singing, playing a musical instrument, or sewing, whatever you loved, just pick it up and devote all your time and energy into mastering it. It will be a perfect distraction from your busy work schedule and a wonderful exercise for your mind, body, and soul. And the nostalgia? You can’t even imagine the joy it will bring along. 

Day #5 Go Gardening

Turn your house outdoors, as well as indoors, into a vibrant green abode. Pick up on some easy to grow florae and sow the seeds of ‘hope and happiness’. From fruits to flowers and from bare-root trees to hedging plants, the options are literally endless. Think of what’s going to make you happy 6 months or 1 year down the line, and get the grip on your garden. It’s going to be both rewarding and replenishing. 

Day #6 Plan a Movie Night

Whether you are a movie buff or not, a little indulgence here and there is always good for your soul. So make a list of movies – comedy, action, drama, science fiction, horror – whatever you and your family would love to watch and turn your living room into a thundering mini home theater. Go creative with the lights, sound and the sitting arrangement and make way for a night full of fun and laughter. And while you go binge watching, don’t forget to bring your popcorns along! 

Day #7 Camp Under Clear Skies

Pitch a tent or build a blanket fort in your garden or roof-top to create a night full of adventure and sky gazing. Identify clear white objects twinkling in the sky and appreciate the wonders of the night sky in their full form. From stars to constellations to satellites and more, the options are practically endless. So bring in your binoculars and enjoy the celestial show in all its glory. You can even download a stargazing app to easily locate your favorite constellations, galaxies and satellite fly-bys. 

So, here you go. With some beautiful ideas and creative inspirations, you can easily enjoy your “spring-cation” without even having to go outside. Fun, engaging and totally feasible, these spring break activities can help you and your loved ones relax and unwind from your hectic schedules and will help you improve your mental health and well-being. 

However, if you still find it difficult to cope up with the stress that the pandemic lockdown has brought along, and restlessness and negative emotions are overpowering you, it’s best to get in touch with the experts. 

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