Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer, and lung cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in Michigan. But smoking doesn’t just affect your lungs, it hurts almost every part of your body, affects your overall health. But there is good news!

If you quit smoking, your body bounces back fast! In fact, it takes less than an hour for your health to start getting better once you give up cigarettes. Here’s a breakdown of how powerful quitting smoking can be.

20 Minutes 

  • Blood pressure drops 
  • Heart rate calms 
  • Hands and feet warm up (Better circulation!) 

8 Hours

  • Carbon monoxide (bad stuff) in your blood goes down 
  • Oxygen (good stuff) in your blood goes up! 

48 Hours 

  • Sense of taste improves 
  • Sense of smell improves 

3 Days 

  • Airways relax 
  • Easier to breathe 

2 Weeks 

  • Circulation gets better
  • Lungs work better 
  • Energy increases 

1 Month 

  • Less coughing 
  • Lungs are healthier and can reduce infection
  • Overall energy improves 

1 Year 

  • Heart disease risk drops to half of what a smoker’s risk is 

5 Years 

  • Risk of stroke drops
  • Risk of mouth, throat, and bladder cancer drop by HALF 
  • Risk of cervical cancer drops 

Giving up cigarettes can be tough, but your body will thank you! Talk to your EPIC Health provider today about how we can support your goal to stop smoking.