It’s an open secret that people who look young, fit, and healthy, exercise on a regular basis. Not only does regular exercise help you shed extra weight, it also helps strengthen your bones and muscles, improve posture, regulate blood flow, enhance sleep quality, and keep chronic diseases at bay.

Clinical Benefits of Exercise

A regular and assisted exercise regime can help you:

  • Reduce body fat and weight: Exercise and weight loss are synonymous with each other.  The role of exercise in helping people lose weight has been widely accepted by one and all. By burning calories and increasing your basal metabolic rate (BMR), regular exercise helps keep your excessive body weight under check.
  • Maintain proper heart and lung functions: Exercise also helps you maintain your heart and lung fitness. It increases the size of your heart muscle and improves its ability to pump blood, thus greatly enhancing your cardiovascular and respiratory systems’ functions and performance that otherwise tend to decline with age.
  • Lower Hypertension: Sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits, and work stress often lead to increase in blood pressure. This leads to poor heart function and increase in blood pressure. A well planned exercise module that combines walking, jogging, bike riding, and more can help you lower your blood pressure and reverse its side effects.
  • Increase muscle strength: People tend to lose muscle mass and strength as they age. Strength training exercises can help you build muscle strength and prevent chronic pains and functional disabilities that tend to set in due age and nutritional inadequacies.
  • Alleviate anxiety: Endorphins released from brain during exercise are proven anxiety busters. They help lift your mood, reduce symptoms of anxiety, and keep you light and fresh all day long.

Exercise your Way to Great Health with a Personal Exercise Physiologist

Walking, running, swimming, strength training – while every form of exercise has its own set of benefits and is deemed to help you stay healthy and fit, not every exercise can help you perfectly manage your chronic health conditions and injuries. If not performed with correct posture, at right intensity, and for optimum duration, weight loss exercises can even aggravate your health issues.

That’s why, partnering with an exercise physiologist is one of the best investments you can ever make in your overall health and well being. Better known as your personalized fitness coaches, exercise physiologists are certified professionals who can help you create a customized workout program that strategically fits into your individual needs and goals and can help curb any injury or obstacle that might be preventing you from exercising.

Some of the major and far-reaching benefits of teaming up with an exercise physiologist include:

  • It’s educational: A personal trainer can make a huge difference to your exercise routine. As a certified fitness coach, exercise physiologists are fully trained in teaching you how to exercise safely, without any risk of injury. He/she can craft a perfect exercise regime that fits into your needs and can help you correct your form and posture so that you can exercise safely, even with a chronic health condition.
  • It’s motivational: An exercise physiologist by your side can be a constant source of encouragement and motivation. He can help you set realistic goals, create plans to accomplish them, and celebrate your important weight loss milestones with you to keep you motivated.  
  • It’s enjoyable: Training with an exercise physiologist can help maximize your results and minimize your efforts. They tailor your exercises to suit your needs and make workout sessions enjoyable and goals attainable.
  • It’s accountable: Having a personal fitness coach is critical in ensuring that you stick your exercise routine. He/she can help you overcome all the excuses that are preventing you from following your exercise routine and can push you to stick you to your commitment to exercise.
  • It’s safe: By teaching you the proper form and technique to utilize during exercise, your exercise physiologists not only help you lose fat and build muscle strength, they also strive to make your workout sessions safe and injury-free.

So, if you have been constantly struggling to lose weight or if you are suffering from a chronic health condition that’s not allowing you to exercise regularly, it’s best to partner with an exercise physiologist.

At EPIC Health, we have a team of certified Exercise Physiologists who use clinical exercise as a medicine to cure chronic illness and diseases. They incorporate the latest and most comprehensive health screening tools and techniques to access your health parameters and carefully analyze your lifestyle, strength, and fitness levels to create an individual exercise program that’s tailored just for you.

Doing so, they make sure that your exercise regime is in line with your current medical condition and weight loss goals. Along with this, EPIC Exercise Physiologists also help you:

  • Quantify your health status
  • Identify areas in your body that require attention
  • Track lifestyle habits that are leading to weight gain and illness
  • Motivate you to follow a healthy lifestyle and fitness regime
  • Make your goals easy and practical

So, whether your overall fitness goal is to lose weight, reduce chronic pain, or keep your vitals under check, EPIC Exercise Physiologists can provide you the right form of exercise and lifestyle therapies to help you achieve your goals.

So, get in touch with us today and make your way to great health. Dial (248)-336-4000 to partner with our EPIC Exercise Physiologists. We can help you live a happier, healthier life.

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