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Your heart is the key to your health. It keeps you moving, provides your body with oxygen, and keeps your blood flowing. This makes exercise a very important part of living a healthy life and keeping your heart in great shape.

But sometimes exercise can do no more harm than good if it isn’t done right. If you have a history of heart issues or symptoms of heart conditions, you should exercise with support from your provider. At EPIC we offer Exercise Physiology so you can exercise with a professional who keeps your health in check.

It is important to remember that if you have heart concerns, you should talk with your provider before beginning a new workout routine. You may have unknown risks that could make exercise dangerous if the proper precautions aren’t taken. You should speak with your provider if:

1. You recently had a heart attack
2. You’ve had chest pain or stiffness
3. You have shortness of breath
4. You have diabetes or high blood pressure
5. You recently had a heart procedure or heart surgery

Because heart issues can make exercise complicated, your provider may refer you to Exercise Physiology (EP). EP is a service that allows you to begin an exercise routine under the guidance of a health and fitness professional. Imagine working with a personal trainer who also has the knowledge to make sure you exercise safely, and in a way that will help heal your heart issues.

Your Exercise Physiologist will begin by talking with you and your provider about your medical history. If you were to begin a new fitness routine alone, you could actually put your heart at risk, or cause damage instead of strengthening it. When working out with the support of your EP, you’ll find yourself feeling stronger faster, and meeting all of your health goals.

Your health goals are something you’ll decide on with your Exercise Physiologist. They could be to get stronger, to improve your health, or to become more active. Imagine having a custom exercise routine tailored to your physical goals, and your health! You’ll find yourself more motivated, supported, and successful.

Once your personal fitness and health goals are set, you and your Exercise Physiologist will begin building your routine. To strengthen your heart you will most likely begin with aerobic exercise. Aerobics focus on using your heart and lungs. This type of exercise strengthens your heart and increases blood circulation.

With any new fitness routine, it is important to start slow. Your EPIC EP will teach you how to warm up before exercise and what stretches you can do to prepare your body and avoid strain or pain. You’ll find your EP is your partner in wellness. They guide you through your exercises each step of the way to help you slowly build on your progress. They monitor your vitals and communicate with your provider as part of EPIC’s Advanced Care Team (ACT) approach.

At EPIC Health we are dedicated to your overall health and wellness. Our team is designed to support all your health goals. Our Exercise Physiologists can play a key role in getting you healthy and keeping you healthy. With the support of EPIC, you’ll find yourself feeling better!

Talk to your provider today to see if Exercise Physiology is right for you!