Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is already upon us – a day that marks the celebration of one of the most special feelings in the world, which is Love. This day brings in a perfect opportunity to show our loved ones how much we adore them and care for them.

While Valentine’s Day has always been about pampering our special someone with cakes, goodies, personalized gifts, and chocolates; this year, let’s break the norm and commemorate our love for each other with a gift of health and well being. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

So, this Valentine’s Day 2019, take these 7 health vows to ensure a nourishing and healthy life together.

Say no to junk food

In this fast paced life, our health always takes a back seat. We often indulge in quick, ready-to-eat or processed food items that are packed with sugar, salt, and calories. This year, pledge to take your time off sweets and junk food and incorporate healthy and nutritious foods in your diet.Instead of pizzas, pastas, and burgers, treat your loved ones with home-cooked food that consists of whole grains, fruits, leafy vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats for long-term health benefits.

Eat at least one healthy meal together

Motivating each other to be healthy is the biggest gift we can give to our partner. To stay on the road to fitness, make it a habit to eat at least one meal together. Whether you get time to splurge in a hearty breakfast or acomforting dinner, make sure to enjoy a healthy, low-calorie meal with each other at least once a day.

Make time for exercise

Exercising with each other is not only fun but also a great way to stay fit andspend some quality time together. Exercising doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the gym. You can indulge in any fitness activity of your choice – play your favorite sport, swim, dance, jog, or go for brisk walks together – and strive to stay fit and healthy.

Keep a check on each other’s bad habits

We often pick up bad habits like smoking and drinking due to lifestyle stress and peer pressure.To help your partner stay healthy, keep a check on their bad habits and motivate themto quit. You can also encourage them to seek medical help for complete smoking/drinking cessation.

Minimize stress

Stress is the biggest killer of modern times. Alleviated stress levels can lead to high blood pressure, chronic heart ailments, anxiety, depression, and more. Help each other to stay away from stress-inducing situations, as much as possible. Meditate, practice yoga, deep breathing and other stress-relieving exercises together to help ease anxiety and zap stress.

Re-live your passion

In the everyday struggle to make our ends meet, we often leave our passion behind. As a true soul mate, we know what our partner enjoys the most. Encourage your loved onesto followtheir hobbies and participate with them to spend some quality time together.

Schedule annual health check-ups

We cannot say enough about the importance of preventive care, and the first step towards preventive care is getting your annual health check-up done. It helps you to stay well and live longer by aiding in the early detection and prevention of diseases. So, take a pledge to get annual health checkupsdone for both yourself as well as your partner to keep health complications at bay. Schedule an appointment with EPIC Health today for a comprehensive health check up and give your loved one the gift of health this Valentine’s Day!