Cough. Runny Nose. Headache. Fever. Sore Throat. These are just some of the symptoms of a respiratory infection. Respiratory infection is an umbrella that covers lots of different sicknesses like bronchitis, sinusitis, and strep throat. These can affect your upper and lower respiratory systems, which include your lungs and sinuses.

The symptoms of respiratory infections can be miserable. Depending on which condition you have, you might have trouble breathing, pain when swallowing, or severe headaches. All of these make it harder to get through your day and might make you miss work. All of these make it important for you to get the right treatment to help your symptoms and to help you feel better faster.

When one of these infections hits, all you want is to feel better. It can be tempting to head to urgent care for fast answers but coming to your EPIC provider can be the difference between being sent home empty-handed, or with a treatment that will target the specific virus or bacteria making you sick.

At EPIC we have the technology to run a test called an Upper and Lower Respiratory PCR Panel. Simply put, we can test you to see specifically what is making you sick. The best part? This advanced test only takes one sample, and the results can come in as fast as the same day. The PCR panel can detect common bacteria, fungi, viruses, and genes that make antibiotics less helpful. With one sample the EPIC Lab tests for 33 different pathogens (bacteria or viruses) and 9 antibiotic-resistant genes. This single test can decrease how long it takes to diagnose and treat you.

The PCR panel is superior to traditional tests. The more common tests you might have done with symptoms of a respiratory infection only offer limited results and involve trying to grow pathogens to learn more. This kind of test not only takes time, but it is difficult and sometimes doesn’t result in answers. If you were to find yourself sick, wouldn’t you rather take a single test that comes back quickly and accurately?

On top of getting better answers faster, there is another benefit of EPIC’s testing. When your results come back, they are specific. They give your provider more information than traditional tests. When your provider has more information, they have more tools to treat you with. Knowing exactly what is making you sick allows EPIC to tailor your treatment to your illness. You deserve to get exactly what care you need.

The EPIC upper and lower respiratory panel allows patients to get more with less; with only one specimen needed, shorter turnaround times, and effective treatment options tailored to each patient.

Talk to your EPIC Health provider about the PCR Panel Test and ensure the right diagnosis and treatment for all your respiratory health issues.

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