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When an injury or illness strikes, it becomes very confusing and overwhelming for us to decide whether we should call our primary care provider or walk into an urgent care clinic. After all, being treated by the right team of doctors is as important as getting the right treatment for your medical condition.

While urgent care clinics provide immediate, 24X7 access to certified doctors, it is best to go to an urgent healthcare center if you are suffering from a chronic, but not life threatening, condition that requires prompt medical attention or if your primary health care provider is unavailable for assistance. That’s because a visit to an urgent care clinic is 2-3 times more expensive than scheduling an appointment with your primary care doctor. But that’s not all; there are various other benefits of choosing your primary health care doctor over urgent care clinics. These include:

1. Primary Health Care Clinics Serve as First Line of Defense

Your primary care clinic is your medical homethe first place where most of your health issues get addressed and sorted. Whether you want to treat a chronic medical condition or want to get a preventive health checkup done, doctors at primary care clinics work cohesively with you to provide you complete care and expert medical advice for all kinds of health problems.

2. Your Primary Physician Knows You Inside-Out

Your primary healthcare provider is your family physician, who knows not only you, but your entire family for a range of health issues, injuries, and medical conditions. He has ‘longitudinal’ information about your health, and can easily diagnose or anticipate the onset of a chronic health condition to help you stay on top of ever-changing health scenarios.

3. Primary Care Physician Uses Holistic Approach for Disease Treatment

With instant access to your medical records, your primary care doctor can look at a ‘bigger picture’ to treat not just the symptoms but the actual disease and its underlying causes. They can easily stitch different pieces of symptoms together to find out the actual reason of disease penetration and provide you the best line of treatment for your current or recurring medical condition.

4. Your Primary Care Physician Shares a Strong Relationship with You

Your primary care doctor is your long-term family care provider. He shares a strong relationship with you and is committed to working in close association with you to ensure that all your potential health problems are spotted immediately and are treated with utmost care and attention.

5. Primary Health Care Clinics Provide Broad Spectrum of Services

Your primary care physician treats you and your family for a range of health issues, injuries and diseases, and can provide you a broad spectrum of services including regular physical examinations, preventive health checkups, diagnostic blood tests, and other in-office investigations. He may refer you to other specialists, if required, and can still stay informed about all aspects of your health through instant access to your electronic health records.

Get in Touch With the Best Primary Care Physician Today!

Schedule an appointment with an EPIC Health physician and be in-charge of your own health. At EPIC Health, we offer holistic approach to disease-treatment for the entire family, from new born to seniors. With a careful mix of conventional treatment methods and modern technology, we believe in treating the actual disease and not just its symptoms. Our advanced care team comprises of physicians, nurses, dietician, physical therapist, exercise physiologist, pharmacist, psychological therapist, and other healthcare providers to offer you connected care 24/7.

Why Choose EPIC Health as Your Primary Care Partner?

Some of the biggest and far-reaching benefits of choosing EPIC Health as your primary healthcare provider include:

  • Advanced Care Team for disease protection and prevention
  • Comprehensive care and assistance for the entire family
  • Chronic disease care and management
  • Complete patient education
  • Extended hours of service available
  • Affordable protection plans and prices
  • Nutrition, fitness, and weight loss counseling
  • Lifestyle and mental health counseling
  • Vaccinations, physical exams and wellness checks (preventive health)
  • Walk-ins  accepted
  • Scheduled and same-day appointments
  • Multiple locations

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment with EPIC Health physician today and enjoy the best care and treatment for you as well as your loved ones.  Call 248-336-4000 now!

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