Congratulations on the arrival of your bundle of joy! Parenthood brings along a lot of happiness and memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life. It also brings along ample of unwanted stress that can embezzle your sanity and peace of mind – after all, your little one is solely dependent on you for the first few days, weeks, and years of his life for his health, development, and well being. To add to your never ending parenting chores are toddler tantrums and teenage rebellion that push your patience to an edge.

On this Parents’ Day, we would like to share 10 wonderful tips that can help you relieve stress and maintain your calm and sanity all day long, however busy you might be. Read on.

1. Plan your day in advance

Whether you are a working parent or a stay-at home dad or mom, your day is always packed with back-to-back chores and activities, leaving you with very little time for your own self. To effectively manage things, plan your day ahead, maybe a night before. Plan everything in advance – your (your baby’s as well) meals, what you’ll wear to work, tasks that you have to accomplish the next day, appointments if any – and be ready to kick the pressure that tries to bring you down.

2. Take a step back to relax and recharge

With kids and toddlers around, we often reach an ‘I’m-gonna-lose-it’ point. This happens due to umpteen amount of stress chemicals that keep building up inside your body. So, next time, whenever you feel too stressed and exhausted to take life head-on, step back. Take a break and find your happy zone. Practice yoga, meditate, read a book, groove to your favorite tunes, or look for other ways to bring back your laughter and smile.

3. Never be afraid to ask for help

Even superdads and supermoms need an extra helping hand. Whenever you feel overwhelmed with work and responsibilities, seek help from your friends and family. Delegating your responsibilities to capable others can help you find some ‘me’ time for yourself and get back to life with full force and passion.

4. Connect with fellow parents

Befriend fellow parents to understand that you are not alone. There are others sailing in the same boat. It also helps you find better and useful ways to tackle situations that may otherwise stress you out. Join
a social media parenting group, a web chat forum or a parenting club to redefine your stressors and bring optimism back to your life.

5. Stay active

Exercise is a great way to relax your nerves. Exercise releases endorphins – the feel-good brain chemicals – that help to uplift your mood and de-stress. If you find it hard to hit the gym or play your favorite sport, here are some interesting ways to stay active:

  • Stroll together with your baby – Take your baby for an evening stroll. Jog, jump, and stretch your way to health and happiness.
  • Take a 10-minutes break three times a day – That accounts to a total of 30-minutes of walk every day.
  • Exercise at home – There are a plenty of exercise that you can do at home, with your baby. All you need is a little motivation and you can easily get back to your post-pregnancy shape even while having fun with your baby.
  • Dance your way to great health – Music has a calming effect on our brain. Whenever you have little time in hand, use it to groove to your favorite tunes and watch stress fade away like magic.

6. Sleep your way to great health

Sleep is one of the biggest stress busters. But as a busy parent, we often feel deprived for sleep. This, in turn, leads to irritability and inability to function well the next day. So, try to sleep for at least 6-7 hours a day. If your kids are making it difficult for you to have a sound sleep all night long, which happens especially if you have infants and toddlers at home, try to take small naps during the day. However, if you are suffering from severe sleep apnea post delivery, it’s best to get in touch with an expert physician who can medically help you solve the problem.

7. Establish a fixed routine for kids

The easiest way to get stress out of parenting is by establishing a fixed routine for your kids and strictly sticking to it. Right from establishing a wake up time to following a fixed morning routine to creating a
bed time chart, a fixed schedule can help you set your day on a right track. This will not only help you raise happy and healthy kids, but will also help you stay sane and organized – always!

8. Talk your way out

Little one’s habits, tantrums, health, upbringing – there are a lot of things that can leave the new parents stressed and wanting for more. Well, when you get stressed with day-to-day issues, remember you are not alone. Every parent undergoes such situations with young ones around. The best way to
beat stress is by discussing your parenting troubles with a friend, confidant, or experienced parents who have faced these problems with their kids too and can help you clear the confusion so that you can focus on problem solving.

9. Look good, feel better

With little ones around, baby-related chores often overload our circuits, leaving little to no time for self care and grooming – so much that combing hair looks like a stupendous task sometimes. However, you must remember that if you’ll look good, you’ll feel the best inside-out. So, find new savvy ways to streamline your beauty routines. Find bright, good looking clothes for the new you, try new messy hairstyles, and invest in cool looking accessories to look your beautiful best day in and day out.

10. Keep your pediatrician’s number handy

As a new parent, we are always in the need of expert pediatric care and advice to keep our little ones healthy. Always keep your pediatricians and family physicians number handy, in your phone, to quickly reach out for help, whenever you need one. Also, always choose a pediatrician who is well experienced, easily reachable, and quickly accessible.So, follow these expert tips to beat the parenting blues and enjoy your little ones arrival to the full extent. Also, do not forget to share our article through your social media handles to help other parents bring in some calm to the chaos.