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Annual Physicals – A Proven Way to Prevent Mental Health Stress and Resilience Among Children ~ Epic Health Make An Appointment
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Mental health crisis in the US is reaching an epidemic level. Today, more than 17 million American children struggle with stress, anxiety, depression, and behavioral disorders. The rates are so high that several children are trying to end their lives every week – a situation that’s alarming and heartbreaking at the same time. Psychotic disorders not only lead to emotional turmoil in children, they also severely impact their developmental progress, leading to cognitive delays. 

Apart from helping your children stay calm and relax by encouraging healthy lifestyle practices, seeking prompt medical help is the best way to help children deal with on-going stress, anxiety, and depression.  

Annual Physicals Have Become the Need of the Hour

To make children stay at top of their health and away from all kinds of mental disparities, it has become imperative for parents to get their child’s annual physical done at regular intervals. Serving as a critical piece of preventive medicine, annual physicals or well exams, as they are popularly known as, help pediatricians to identify and evaluate all kind of health risk factors early on, before they transform into a potential disease. 

It not only helps the pediatrician to identify physical changes in your child’s body, it also allows him to evaluate your child’s mental and emotional well-being and suggest stress management techniques and lifestyle changes to ensure optimal wellness. 

What Does Annual Physicals Include?

During an annual physical exam, the pediatrician performs a variety of tests to evaluate the physical and emotional health of your child. The number of assessments during a physical exam include, but are not limited to: 

1. Vital Sign Check

The pediatrician would record your child’s heartbeat, temperature, body mass index and plot the measurements on his growth chart. He may also schedule some blood tests to rule out any potential signs of infection. He may also check your child’s bone density to ensure his healthy growth and development. 

2. Visual Exam

The pediatrician reviews your child’s physical appearance for signs of any potential health condition. He’d check various parts of the body to visually identify signs of any existing or developing health condition or to score out developmental delays, if any. This includes the assessment of: 

  • Eyes 
  • Ears
  • Head 
  • Chest 
  • Abdomen 
  • Musculoskeletal system – hands, wrists, legs 
  • Nervous system functions – speech, walking

3. Physical Exam

The doctor would check your child’s eyes, ears, nose, and throat to test his motor functions and reflexes. 

4. Immunization Check

During an annual physical, the pediatrician would also check your child’s immunization card to ensure all the vaccinations have been given as per the schedule. He would also update you on all upcoming vaccinations and boosters to keep your child protected from serious childhood illnesses. 

5. Mood & Behavioral Screening

The pediatrician will also talk your child to evaluate his mental and emotional state. Through a series of questions during a live interactive session, the doctor will try to understand if your child is under stress, anxiety or is showing signs of depression. He’d also provide you with helpful and easy-to-follow tips and advises to manage and mend your child’s changed behavior in the most appropriate manner. 

Benefits of Annual Physicals in Children

An annual physical exam is an important safeguard that protects children and adolescents from all the upcoming diseases and infections. It gives pediatrician a perfect opportunity to thoroughly evaluate your child for any mental, behavioral or medical issue, something which is not usually possible during other office visits. It also gives you (and your child) a chance to ask your doctor questions or raise concerns regarding your child’s health. 

Annual physical exams can benefit you and your child immensely. They can help you: 

  • Track your child’s developmental milestones 
  • Keep a tab on all his vital stats 
  • Know if he’s practicing healthy eating habits 
  • Screen your child’s emotional and mental well-being  
  • Detect behavioral and temperamental issues
  • Review your child’s immunization status 
  • Seek age-appropriate safety information & health education 

At EPIC Health, we offer annual physical exams to help children and adolescents stay healthy and physically fit. Our board-certified pediatricians thoroughly evaluate your children to ensure there are no apparent health issues. They also check them for emotional and mental well-being and provide essential healthcare and nutrition tips to keep diseases at bay and help kids grow into healthy, happy adults.

Schedule an appointment with our expert pediatricians today. We can help your kids stay happy, healthy and better!