No-Shave November is finally here. A popular time of the year when most men in the US ditch their razors to grow their facial hair wild and free. This is done to support a month-long charity event that raises awareness about the two most common cancers in men – prostate cancer and testicular cancer.  

The Aim of No-Shave November

No-Shave November challenges men to forgo shaving and grooming for 30 days to support cancer patients who lose hair during treatment. Participants are also encouraged to donate their monthly-grooming expenses to those battling cancer. 

How to Participate?

It’s simple, easy, and fun. You can participate in the event by simply giving your shaving schedule a miss. So put your razor down and be ready to go all-natural. Grow your beard, cultivate a mustache, and skip all sorts of waxing appointments for an entire month of November. 

But while you flaunt those shiny beards and mustaches, don’t forget to invest your ‘salon time’ in educating people. Tell them how regular cancer screenings can help them detect, prevent and treat cancer while it’s still in its early stages. 

Here’s something that you – and everyone – should know about prostate and testicular cancer:

  • Prostate and testicular cancer are the two most commonly detected cancers in American males. 
  • Prostate cancer kills approximately 30,000 men in the US alone.
  • It is estimated that about 1 in 250 males will develop testicular cancer during their lifetime. 
  • In both cancers, patients experience no symptoms until the cancer has spread. 
  • The usual symptoms include: 
  • Lump or enlargement in one of the testicles 
  • Dull ache in the abdomen or groin
  • Pain during urination 
  • Collection of fluid in the scrotum 
  • Blood in semen or urine 
  • Pain in back, hips or pelvis that doesn’t go away
  • If detected on time, both prostate and testicular cancers are treatable and curable.
  • Regular screening is the easiest way to detect prostate and testicular cancer. Routine cancer screenings can help you catch the disease in its early stages, when the treatment options are many. 

So, this No-Shave November, talk with your friends and loved ones about men’s reproductive health. Educate them about the importance of their routine cancer screening and how it can help save a life.  

Cancer can affect anyone, at any age. Talk to your primary care physician to evaluate the risk and stay protected from prostate, testicular, and other cancers. 

At EPIC Health, we can help men take charge of their health. Our preventive health checks and regular screenings help in early cancer detection and prevention!  

Schedule an appointment at EPIC Health today and make way for a healthy, disease-free life.