Healthy Habits for Kids

We know you want the best for your kids. Imagine if you could set them up to be healthy for the rest of their lives by doing small things today? The habits we learn as kids usually follow us to adulthood. So, teaching healthy habits now will benefit kids forever.

Here are five healthy habits you can build with your kids!

Eat the Rainbow

Did you know the colors of fruit and veggies mean something? Different colors match different vitamins and nutrients. When adding fruits and veggies to meals or as snacks, make sure you have lots of colors!


These fruits and veggies, like strawberries and tomatoes, have lots of vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, and antioxidants.

Yellow & Orange

Carrots, peaches, squash, and pineapple are full of vitamin C, vitamin A, and potassium. They also help boost your immunity and enhance your vision!


Fruits and veggies like bananas, mushrooms, and onions are good for your heart health, and can also help control your cholesterol levels.


Green means potassium and vitamin K, which are good for your heart. These foods also help keep your bones and teeth healthy and enhance your vision. Dark green, leafy veggies also have more antioxidants and fiber than any others!

Blue & Purple

This group includes cranberries, grapes and raisins, and eggplant. Foods in this group boost your urinary tract health, improve your memory, and promote healthy aging.


Have Fun Being Active

Exercise isn’t always everyone’s favorite thing to do. But there are plenty of ways to be active with your kids while enjoying family time. Kids need about one hour of activity each day, which isn’t always easy.

Try to make exercise fun by playing games, jumping rope, or playing a backyard game of soccer or basketball. Simple things, like going for a walk or swimming, can be fun, easy ways for the whole family to be active together.

When your kids have fun being active with you, they’re more likely to keep being active as they get older.

Take a Screen Break

It is easy to get lost scrolling, watching videos, or playing games online. But those habits keep kids from being active and contributes to childhood obesity. Break the whole family away from screens and do something together.

Whether you take this time to be active, play a creative game, or even cook dinner together, your whole family can benefit from being together and setting down screens.

Play & Laugh

There are few things as great as hearing your kids laugh. So why not do everything you can to hear it more?

Kids have incredible imaginations, so unleash it onto family time. Play creative games like “house”, build with blocks, or color together. Your kids will love this time together as they sharpen their creative skills.

Spending time laughing together can also reduce stress and its side effects, like headaches, stomachaches, and trouble sleeping.

Don’t Skip Check-Ups

An annual physical isn’t just for adults. These yearly visits are important for your little ones too.

These check-ups let your provider check and make sure your kids are hitting their milestones and are a helpful way to get info on making sure you’re helping your kids grow and be healthy.

At EPIC Health we know how important these visits are, so we make it as easy as possible. Not only do we see all ages, but we have family appointments available. We also keep same-day appointments open so if your little one wakes up sick, you can see us fast.

Schedule your kid’s physical today, and ask what else we offer to keep them growing happy and healthy!

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