Human life is precious, and a healthy life is an absolute luxury. However, the question is should everyone go for this luxury and can they afford it? Well, the answer to both of those questions is a big YES. The secret to a healthy life is not only good food and exercise but also early detection, treatment and management of any chronic disease.

Now, you might wonder how it is possible to have all those in today’s fast-paced life. Well, the best way to achieve all those is to have physicals done once a year. The concept of regular physicals is not just for people who are facing health issues but also for healthy individuals. Meeting the health experts from time to time is one of the many aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Why it is important to have your physicals get done regularly:

  • When you go for a physical, the laboratory tests done in the process will help in early detection and treatment of a potential health problem. EPIC Physicals are personalized, based on sex, age, family health, and lifestyle. It not only promotes better health but also improves a patient-doctor relationship.
  • A yearly physical test is an important step in preventing bigger health issues. With regular check-ups, our health experts can identify these problems and suggest immediate treatment based on the individual’s condition. Given the fact that some diseases can be very subtle and may not show their signs or symptoms until they reach the next level you need to see your team regularly, especially if you live a kind of lifestyle that can expose you to such risks.

Why you should choose EPIC Physicals

  • At EPIC Health, we are fully equipped and highly trained to take care of your entire family. We specialize in complex chronic medical conditions, routine and preventive care for all ages, whether you need us to fix years of bad habits and effects of illness or to maintain your current health or prevent illness, EPIC Health can handle it for you and others in your home.
  • We offer unparallel care and attention to our patients through augmented team care approach. This helps us in enhancing and accelerating the process of patient diagnosis especially during complex medical conditions that require urgent medical attention.
  • Leveraging one of the largest integrated healthcare systems in the region, we provide continuous, and connected care to all our patients. Through our digital patient portal, you and your healthcare team can not only easily track and manage your health and but also make informed decisions about your care – 24/7.
  • Our integrated healthcare team works in close association with each other and you to provide you the highest level of care and service.

The EPIC Health Difference:

  • Although you’ll find a lot of players offering you yearly physicals but at EPIC you’ll get a plethora of services to make your physicals a smooth ride.

  • With our advanced technology, we offer in-office tests and in-house specialized services to you. Along with that we provide you care management, more hours and a dedicated team for your convenience.

  • Our advanced and augmented healthcare delivery mechanism also include ancillary testing such as X-ray, ultrasound and blood test not just for you but for your whole family.

  • While most physicals service providers just review and update your history when you get a physical, we go further with advanced labs, metabolic testing, and personalized and tailored plans. With us you will get complete family care at one destination, highly- experienced Advanced Care Team, hassle- free treatment, coordinated chronic disease management, same-day disease management and personalized healthcare deliveries.

Individuals above 2 years should undergo yearly physicals. For those who are over 40, and have been diagnosed with chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, etc., annual physicals tests are unavoidable.

Some reasons you should schedule an annual physical are if you are a smoker, heavy drinker, overweight/obese, inactive, or have family medical conditions. Alcohol and tobacco consumption can raise the risk of diseases like hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and certain cancers. You should also consider annual physicals if you are significantly overweight or obese – because this puts you in the high-risk category for several chronic diseases including cardiovascular, metabolic, joint, and cancer conditions.

Things to keep in mind before the physical  

      Now, before you come to EPIC Health, here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

  • Bring a list of all medications you are taking, your diet habits, any supplements you take, and a record of your vaccinations to date, as well as a record of your last screening.

  • When you come in for your annual physical, first your practitioner will examine you thoroughly. Here’s what you can expect the doctor to check: Blood pressure: Normal blood pressure is 120/80; if it’s more than 130/80, you could be hypertensive. The doctor might check it a few times to get an average reading Heart rate: The normal reading is 60-100; however, some healthy people may have heart rates lower than 60.

  • Respiration: 12 to 16 breaths per minute is considered normal for a healthy person; more than 20 per minute may suggest heart or lung problems.
  • Temperature General appearance – the physician will note the pallor and tone of your skin, check if you appear exhausted or energetic, whether you can walk properly, do you seem anxious and so on.
  • Heart exam: With a stethoscope, the physician will check for any abnormal heart sounds like murmurs.
  • Lung exam: Your practitioner will check for wheezing, cracking and other abnormal lung sounds which may indicate issues with your lungs.
  • Head and neck: Ears, nose, throat, tonsils, sinuses, eyes, lymph nodes, thyroid, and carotid arteries may be checked to get an indication of your overall health.
  • Abdomen: Your clinician may check for abdominal fluid, bowel sounds, liver size and tenderness, by tapping and palpitation, and with a stethoscope.
  • Neurological: Nerves, reflexes, balance, muscle strength and mental state (depression, anxiety) may be evaluated.
  • Extremities: Physical and sensory changes, abnormalities in joints, pulse in arms and legs and so on, may be checked out.
  • Males: Your practitioner may check for hernia, testicular tenderness and lumps, STDs, and perform a prostrate check.
  • Females: Your practitioner will typically perform a “female” exam during a separate visit and may check for abnormal lumps in the breast, visual abnormalities in the nipples and breasts, and lymph nodes in the underarm. A pelvic exam may be performed to check for reproductive system problems, and a pap smear and HPV for cervical cancer and STDs. Based on age and family history, a mammogram is also recommended every year. For women aged 50 and over, a bone density test is recommended as women in this age group are susceptible to osteoporosis. In addition, your clinician may order lab tests like a complete blood count, a urinalysis, a chemistry panel, lipid profile, to name a few.

It is safe to say that preventive healthcare is not a choice, but a requirement. And, if you want to detect a disease that has so far been lying dormant, then you need to get yourself checked periodically. At the same time, health checks are not just about preventing diseases, it is also about maintaining your health optimally.

So, without wasting any more time, come and, sign up the whole family now and benefit from our world-class healthcare facilities.

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