EPIC Health Livernois hosted its first ever Open House on July 13 – and it was a blast! Thank you to all our EPIC Superheroes, volunteers, and participants for coming in, actively participating in our activities, and making our event a huge success.

The event, in fact, was more than just an open house – it was a healthcare trail for our Livernois community and our way of showing EPIC Health unique healthcare facilities and services that can help you stay disease-free and enhance your way of living. Our EPIC Superheroes were all around during the event demonstrating the unique advantages of EPIC LIFE, helping participants tour our facilities, explaining our services, and answering all the questions that our community members had.

Speaking about the success of the event, Dr. Greg Naman, Director, EPIC Health, said, “The Open House gave us a perfect opportunity to show our community members the benefits of EPIC LIFE. Our goal was to welcome our Livernois community into our EPIC family and show them who and what we are as a leading healthcare center. We are very pleased with the results as dozens of families participated in the event, toured our facilities, and signed up as patients. We look forward to welcoming more and more members into our EPIC family and treating them with equal care and attention.”

For more information on EPIC Health services and plans, call 313-861-4400 (Detroit) / 248-336-4000 (Ferndale).