EPIC Health has sought to bring back the old ‘family practitioners’ system to ensure delivery of quality and affordable healthcare for the whole family: from great gramps to the newest additions in the family.

At our Care Centers in Detroit, Ferndale, and Southfield, we believe in:

  • Treating the patient as a whole, by giving equal importance to mental and physical health –not just the symptoms they are present with
  • Offering services via a dedicated team that’s skilled to provide holistic care to a patient for the best health outcomes
  • Educating our patients so that they can take charge of their health
  • Helping the patient achieve and maintain optimal health for life
  • Promoting preventive wellness and healthcare
  • Promoting community health through immunization, education, and awareness drives

The old saying that ‘Prevention is Better than Cure’ holds true, especially today when we see thousands of people living with preventable diseases – if only they had taken the necessary precautions.

Dr. Ted Naman and Dr. Greg Naman, two brothers, took over a medical clinic operated by a hospital that was on the verge of shutting down because of poor performance by the previous staff – and thus began the story of EPIC Health, in the year 2000. In just six months, the clinic was transformed into a thriving ‘Care Center’ that leveraged technology, employed dedicated, qualified clinical and administrative staff, and utilized the best equipment to provide superior healthcare to the community.

In 2015, the brothers took over another clinic and replicated the methodology of care, and successfully transformed it as well. The community was greatly benefited with access to quality healthcare at affordable prices. Today, all the care centers of EPIC Health serve thousands of patients; small wonder then, that the practice has received numerous awards for the provision of quality healthcare.

One of the biggest changes brought in by the doctors at EPIC Health was the team-based approach – the ACT, or Advanced Care Team model. As a part of this model, a dedicated team is assigned to the care of each patient to ensure holistic wellness in the long term. A typical care team is comprised of the following professionals who are handpicked and intensively trained to ensure best patient outcomes:

  • The lead physician who is in charge of the team; the physician usually examines the patient first, and is the final decision maker
  • Physician assistants, if so required
  • Dietician, who creates custom meal plans for the patients based on their current habits, preferences, health conditions, and health goals
  • Exercise Physiologist who helps the patient regain or improve mobility of limbs, increase strength, and so on, through personalized workout recommendations – again, based on the patient’s current health status and goals
  • Diagnostics technicians to perform various tests like ECG, draw blood for tests, and so on
  • Nurses and nurse assistants
  • Pharmacist – the in-house Pharmacy at EPIC is a boon to patients as it helps reduce prescription errors to near zero. Increased communication between clinicians and pharmacist ensures that medications can be titrated as and when necessary, and delivered immediately
  • Mental health/lifestyle counselor: often, people with health problems suffer from depression or anxiety, or have severe lifestyle problems; an expert counselor may be able to get through to the patient to make them aware of the right path to follow for better health
  • Any other healthcare assistants or technicians as may be necessary depending on individual cases

Achieving Community Wellness

By community wellness we mean the optimal health of the entire community in which we serve; we don’t limit our services to just our patients and their families. We work closely with decision makers and influential persons within the community to provide optimal health for every member.

We, as primary healthcare providers, are committed to serve the entire family, and keep detailed medical records of our patients. We forge strong bonds with our patients – when one of them has a medical emergency, we are in the best position to help them. We serve thousands of patients in our quest to ensure a healthy community.

As mentioned before, we provide team based care – we are a comprehensive healthcare center. By taking care of all our patients’ needs medically, we not only make it more convenient for them, but also increase the chances of enhanced outcomes. This way, we are able to eliminate duplication of efforts, and ensure enhanced communication and collaboration, as all necessary services are provided.

Quality Care

Our physicians, diagnostic services, pharmacies and other healthcare providers are spread across different locations but are all connected electronically, enabling us to streamline our care, and provide continuous, consistent care to a patient. The improved communication between our various healthcare professionals results in better health outcomes for patients.

We are a tech-enabled care center; we use state-of-the-art technology to provide a great patient experience, increase the speed of all processes, deliver better quality care to patients, and more.  

We empower our patients to be in charge of their health and encourage them to play a part in the decision-making process. To enable this, we educate them about their health conditions and how they can improve them. We also have apps that our patients can use to track the progress of their diet and exercise regimens, check if they have taken their meds, and so on.

We are proud to share about the several pilot programs, which we have launched, for innovative healthcare delivery. –Our efforts have been rewarded by the positive words from our patients, as well as the recognition we received from local and national publications for having very high quality scores in the delivery of patient healthcare.

At EPIC Health we are on a mission to constantly improve ourselves and our patients’ conditions; this has enabled us to evolve from a traditional clinic to a holistic, integrated care center over the years.

At EPIC, personalized, augmented and comprehensive care is provided at every touch point throughout the care continuum.

Working Together for Community Health

At EPIC, we have dedicated our lives to the service and betterment of others.  “The most noble of tasks is to serve another and to help them achieve more for themselves and, eventually, for the rest of the community” – Dr. Ted Naman.

EPIC Health wants your help to make the community healthier! To be able to serve more patients and ensure a greater number of healthy communities, we plan to expand our services by:

  • Starting additional care centers to help serve communities where quality care is not yet accessible or affordable
  • Working  together with like-minded businesses, nonprofit organizations, and centers in the community to provide continued care for the individuals in and around the regions we serve

How can we work together and serve the community?

It’s very simple! Allow us to enter your premises and promote our services to the community through seminars or simple demos. Educating people about preventable diseases, precautions that can be taken, immunization, and healthy lifestyle habits will go a long way in creating healthy, happy communities.

If you share our values and beliefs regarding community health, we will promote your businesses as well.

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