When our loved one begins to suffer from dementia, it can be hard to understand how to love them and support them. Dementia can make people more frustrated, change their attitude, and impact how they interact with others. Below are some easy to learn tips for how to care for, and interact with, a loved one with dementia.  

Top 5 Dementia Care Tips 

  • Always keep a calm, friendly approach
  • Move slowly and give them space 
  • Speak calmly 
  • Keep things short and simple 
  • Be positive and empathetic

Want to learn more about the Positive Approach to Care? There are more tips below!


  • Keep your voice calm and friendly 
  • Use short, simple sentences
  • Give simple choices like “this or that” or “this or something else” 
  • Show & Tell! Help them understand by showing them what you want them to do 
  • Go one step at a time, or break tasks into small steps 
  • Ask them to help you, or ask them to try 
  • Don’t get frustrated, raise your voice, or try to force them
  • Use empathetic statements like “Sounds like you are (emotion)” 
  • Don’t argue, say “I’m sorry that happened” or “That’s not okay”

Approaching Someone with Dementia 

  • Stop 6 feet away, leave them some space
  • Look friendly 
  • Wave hello as well as saying it 
  • Approach slowly, and from the front 
  • Calmly greet them and introduce yourself 
  • Keep your face and shoulders back, respect their personal space
  • Use a Supportive Stance (Stand to their right, not directly in front of them) 
  • Allow for an arm’s length between you 
  • Get to their eye level, while respecting their space 
  • Wait for their response before continuing, be patient with them 
  • Use positive statements like “Let’s Try…” or “Could you help me?”