The beginning of a new calendar marks a new opportunity to get set on a new journey – a journey of better health, more happiness, and new adventures and achievements.

Some pick up resolutions to uplift their career or personal relationship, while some stick to their old resolution because they lose enthusiasm and find it difficult to leave their old habits time and again. Indeed, introducing good changes in life is tougher than anything you can think of.

So, what is it that differentiates resolutions and habits? How do you resolve for something and stay put with it? This New Year, don’t just make resolutions, live them with EPIC Health Initiative – New Year New You!

From weight loss, physical fitness to quitting abusive habits and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, EPIC aims to help you create a new version of yourself this New Year 2020. With our care, support, and solutions, you can turn your resolutions into goals achieved. Here is how:-

Be Realistic with Your Resolutions

The first step to a failed resolution is, of course, the resolution itself. You cannot change the whole world at once. But by being realistic, you can start getting there.

Therefore, when it comes to picking resolutions, make the ones that serve your purpose, and seem attainable. Check on yourself, your health condition, state of mind, and the phase of life you are in to set in resolutions cum self-challenges that you can win over.

For someone who feels exhausted just after a short walk of 15 minutes, the resolution shouldn’t be to win a marathon. Rather, their resolution should be to quit smoking and improve and restore their lungs’ functionality. Consult EPIC Health to get the right advice on smoking cessation, reducing nicotine side-effects, and reaching your goals smartly and actively.

Plan Ahead

To begin your resolutions with a positive note and stay on track, you need to be prepared for it in advance. For example – if you want to become a vegan, you will need to plan for it in advance.

It helps you stay aware and prepared. This way, you will easily accept the changes that are about to happen. Planning is essential for a new beginning.

Research and planning help you have clarity and accept the whole process with an open heart.

Take it Easy with Your Resolutions

Most of the resolutions fail because people burn themselves out during the initial days. Soon after an energetic start, they feel no energy or willingness to stay motivated for an entire year.

Health concerns like obesity, diabetes, or other lifestyle concerns are backed by societal judgments, pressurizing, and eventually, disturbing our mental health too. Instead of jumping into a hard-to-chase routine, the need is to ease into it and make space for mental and emotional wellbeing.

EPIC’s mental health counselors take note of your wellbeing, state of mind, stress levels, and help you stay aware of what you feel.

Create a Timeline

New Year gives you 365 bright chances to achieve your New Year resolutions. So, it is fair to divide the challenges and efforts into a timeline of 365 days. Instead of opting for the ultimate resolution at once, divide it into small goals to be accomplished throughout the year.

Mark small goals for weeks, months or 6-months and create a timeline of accomplishments to be made in a year. Our board-certified exercise physiologists can customize a wellness and fitness program involving a rigorous mix of yoga, sports, posture improvements, etc. to help you reach your goals of physical health, weight loss, and fitness. When you start meeting your small goals, you are already encouraged and motivated to achieve your resolution by the year-end.

Get Smart with Achievements

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is not a one-day process. You have to put in some efforts every new day to see the changes coming.

Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to get smart with your activities and achievements. Begin your year by making one change at a time. If it is about learning to maintain a chronic disease, consult your physician, and make a list of changes to be made in your lifestyle and treatments to be taken.

Start making mindful healthy choices to help your body get used to the changes you are going to introduce.

Measure your Progress

While you set your goal and work for it, do take time to measure your progress. Doing so helps you understand whether you are on the right path and the part you have achieved so far.

Some resolutions – like the miles you run per week or the calories you consume and burn per day – are easily measurable. Our exercise physiologists and nutritional counselors can help you track your nutrition, calories, weight, etc. that are important parts of your weight loss resolution.

When you take account of your diet, workout routine, and sleeping pattern, it becomes easier for you to achieve your weight loss resolution.

Accept Failure with Grace

One of the key essentials to achieve your resolution is to not be swayed by it. While transforming your life, there are times when you miss out on your routine, miss a goal or fail to live up to your expectations.

You should learn to accept your failures with grace and tighten your belt and pick it up from where you left.

Missed a yoga session? Do it today!

Didn’t pay attention to health? Visit your doctor now. 

Cheated on your diet? Begin the diet again!

As long as there is a goal to achieve, failure is pertinent. The need is to push yourself beyond it.

Reward Yourself with Achievements

Only persistent efforts show results! The best way to stay motivated and achieve your New Year goals is to reward yourself with every small achievement.

Lost 5 pounds off your belly? Give yourself a healthy treat!

Saw improvement in your health? Rejoice about it.

These mini achievements paired with small celebrations keep you motivated in the long run. Keep rewarding yourself with every goal you achieve, and before you know, you will already be celebrating your resolution!

This New Year 2020, take conscious steps and develop healthy habits to not just define your resolutions but also to achieve them with vigor. Come be a part of the New Year New Initiative and start changing your life starting from today!