Let’s admit it. We all love looking at the Instagram pictures of mommies who, in spite of being busy, always choose to stay fit and healthy. We often wonder how they manage to do it all. Such women prove that there’s no barrier to health and fitness and that while for a mom, there aren’t enough hours in a day, fitness should always be taken on priority.

Being a mom should never be taken as an excuse, but a reason to stay fit and healthy. As a mom, you need to realize the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and the significance of setting good examples for your children early on. Mindful eating and regular exercise will not only help you keep your weight on track but will also ensure that you inculcate good habits in your kids.

So, this Mother’s Day, take a plunge into the world of fitness and gift yourself health with these simple, yet powerful, tips and tricks:

Love Yourself

The first step to a healthier you is to fall in love with yourself all over again. There’s a lot of sacrifice, hard work, effort, and exhaustion that goes into being a mom, leaving little to no time for your own self. But you need to understand that to raise a happy and healthy family, you need to first take care of yourself. Be gentle and patient with yourself and start understanding your body needs.

Start your day early; this will give you enough time to plan your day ahead as well as to accommodate a small exercise routine in your life. You can also try including your children in your exercise regime to make your workout sessions fun and enjoyable and to make them realize the importance of exercise in life. 

Eat Right

No fad diets, please! As a mom, you have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, which can quickly drain you off your energy levels. Therefore, you must never consider dropping pounds the unhealthy way by following extremely low calorie diets that do more harm than good.

To lose weight and stay functional, without depleting your energy stores, quantified nutrition is the way to go. Simply start making healthy food choices and cut out all kind of foods that don’t nourish your body. For expert help, guidance, and advice, consider getting in touch with a certified dietician who can create customized meal plans and portion sizes for you as per your needs, preferences, and requirements.              

Stress Less

Stress is the No. 1 reason for binge eating and weight gain. With thousands of odd jobs on her sleeves, it’s almost impossible for mother’s to stay stress-free. But you must always try to stay as calm and compost as possible, even on the most hectic days. Prioritize your work in advance and never be afraid of seeking help from friends and family members if you feel overwhelmed with work. Still if you feel stress building up, walk it off, listen to your favorite music, practice yoga, watch some cute videos or indulge in a playtime with your kids to give yourself some peace of mind.

Exercise More

Exercise is the key to lose weight and keep those extra pounds off. To lose weight, hitting the gym is not a necessary requisite. You can start with which ever physical activity you like. Even if it means parking your car a little far away to walk your way home or to the departmental store for your daily metabolic boost. You can even consider doing some basic exercises at home like plank, squats, or floor exercise, indulging in your favorite sport with your kids or family, swimming, or simply strolling your way outside your home for a breath of fresh air.           

Drink Often

By that we mean only water. Health benefits of staying well hydrated are plenty – water aids in better digestion, glowing skin, less hunger, improved cellular functions and more. So, drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day and stay off all sugary traps like carbonated beverages, colas, and hard drinks.

Sleep Well

Your beauty secret, sleeping for at least 8 hours a day is essential for healthy and glowing skin. It is also essential for losing weight and keeping it off. Your body runs its natural repair mechanism when you sleep and activates fat burning hormones that can help you stay in shape.

Seek Expert Help

Finding it difficult to inculcate fitness into your busy schedule? Seeking expert help can make things easy. Remember, it’s always easy to lose weight and stick to your fitness regime if you know someone is closely monitoring your progress and is helping you lose weight.

Get in touch with EPIC Health Advanced Care Team and learn the healthy route to weight loss. With an expert team of physician, dietician and exercise physiologist, our ACT team can help you lose weight safely, effectively, and quickly. Our team work with you hand-in-hand to provide you the right guidance and advise for healthy weight loss.

We create customized meal plans, keeping in mind your activity level and food preferences and chalk out exercises that you can safely do at home. Before putting you on the weight loss regime, our doctors take your entire medical history into account to access your current health issues, habits, and lifestyle to rule out any underlying diseases – and to set your target weight.

So, this Mother’s Day, schedule an appointment with EPIC Health and get started on a fitness journey to find a New YOU!