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Did you know in the US more than 80% of adults do not meet their daily requirement of physical activity?

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It’s true! Exercise is an important part of life. It not only helps you to stay fit and maintain an ideal body weight, regular exercise also helps you keep chronic disease conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and depression at bay.

At EPIC Primary Care, we use exercise as a medicine to help you achieve your ideal body weight and manage and recover from chronic health conditions quickly and effectively. We have a dedicated team of doctors and exercise physiologists who design medically sound, personalized exercise programs for you, keeping your specific needs and requirements in mind.

What We Do

At EPIC, we provide dedicated exercise physiology services to help you meet your weight loss goals, improve mobility, as well as recover from a wide range of health conditions.

Our in-house exercise physiologists will guide you through various aspects of health education and the importance of incorporating exercise in your life. They will work with you to understand your lifestyle, exercise habits, current health status and health goals to customize a program that seamlessly fits into your needs and goals.

Our exercise physiologists will also help you comprehend the importance of exercise in your life, and will show you ways to make it fun and a permanent lifestyle practice.

Who Can Benefit?

Anyone and everyone who’s suffering from acute and chronic health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, high cholesterol, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, COPD, restrictive airway disease, emphysema, joint pain, sudden or acute weight gain, injury or surgery, or other lifestyle diseases can benefit from our exercise physiology program.

Our Experts

At EPIC PC, we have a team of all-star exercise physiologists and dedicated health care experts. They use state-of-the-art tools and technology to assess your range and exercise capacity. They aim to deliver customized exercise programs as a form of therapy to improve your overall strength, stamina, health status, and quality of life.

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How do I start with the program?

If you are interested in joining our Exercise Physiology program, you can let any member of your I-ACT team know. If you qualify for this program, the I-ACT team will discuss this program with you at your next appointment or they may call you to enroll you over the phone.

How often do I need to go?

This is different for every patient. Your exercise physiologist will complete an intake assessment with you during your first appointment. Once this assessment is complete, they will review the results with other members of your I-ACT team to create a comprehensive fitness plan for you that will include the frequency of visits that your team suggests for you.

What if I have never exercised before; can I still sign up?

Absolutely! Our exercise physiologists will teach you everything you need to know about the exercises you should be doing. They will demonstrate the exercises for you and will provide you with the handouts and videos to watch.

Do I need to carry my medical reports and prescriptions while visiting EPIC for the first time?

Yes, to understand your health issues in a better way, we need to refer to your previous health history. Thus, all such documents are required.

I have hectic office schedules. Should I join EPIC’s exercise physiology program?

At EPIC, we customize programs considering your health conditions and schedule. That means, you get a customized regime that suits you and your lifestyle the best.

I have an old injury. Can EPIC help me get better?

We are an expert in musculoskeletal injuries. No matter whether you have a new or old injury, our structured program helps you get relief from pain, promote physical activity and help restore physical function and mobility.

How many sessions do I need to take to get relief from pain?

Exercise physiology is like medicine. Thus, you need to go through multiple sessions to get relief from pain and get back to normal life. However, from the first session onwards, you will notice gradual decrease in pain and improvement in physical movement.

I have a gym membership; what is the difference between exercising at EPIC Primary Care and my gym?

At EPIC PC, your exercise physiologist creates a personalized approach to disease treatment. Your gym membership, on the contrary, lacks a personalized care plan or even exercise physiologist that incorporates your medical conditions with your exercises. Many gyms have high cost trainers who can help teach you how to exercise but will not have the background of your health conditions to gear your workouts to help improve them.

What ages can join the program?

We have enrolled patients as young as 10 years old and as old as 85 years old into the exercise physiology program.

I am embarrassed to workout with others; will this be a group session or individual?

Many times, you will be the only person with the exercise physiologist, but we do allow two patients to be scheduled at the same time. However, if this is an issue, please discuss this with your exercise physiologist and they will do their best to accommodate you.

What do I need to prepare for the program?

Prepare any questions that you might have for the exercise physiologist. During your first appointment, they will explain the program to you and go over what you can expect at each visit and what you will need to do at home between the visits.

How should I dress?

You will need to wear tennis shoes and comfortable clothing such as sweatpants/shorts.

I was told your exercise physiologist uses “advanced software” to track; will I have to buy any equipment?

No, as a member of the exercise physiology program you will be given a wearable tracking device that links to an app on your smartphone. The exercise physiologist will help you set this up during one of your first appointments.

I don’t have any exercise equipment access; how will I train at home?

Many of the exercises that you will be shown do not require any extra equipment. If any equipment is needed, we will provide it to you at the lowest price possible or you can purchase it on your own. Do not worry if you are not able to purchase any equipment, we have plenty of exercises you can do without equipment that will give you the same results.

Patient Testimonials

“I am a media professional and I need to be active all the time. Due to my hectic work schedule, I started experiencing severe back pain. Experts at EPIC understood my problem and designed a specific exercise routine that not only helped me relieve my back issues but also enabled me to stay on my toes for long hours.”
Tony Jane

Ferndale, MI

“During one of my wildlife photographic expeditions, I fell from a cliff top and got severely injured. I went through many surgeries, but nothing proved to be fruitful in helping me get cured completely. Then I visited EPIC PC. The doctors examined my condition thoroughly and suggested me exercises and physiological treatments that helped me gradually improve my condition with each passing day.”
Frank Taylor

“At the age of 65, it’s common to have bone and cardiac problems. But thanks to EPIC PC, I am living a healthier life without any physical complications. I am extremely pleased with the structured exercise regimen that EPIC physiologists developed for me. Not only have I started feeling better from within, my self-esteem has also improved due to steady weight loss.”
Tina Swift

“EPIC Physiologist helped me achieve my target weight with their custom exercise and nutrition program. Their well experienced team structured the program as I wanted, and they diligently listened to me at every single session. Thanks, EPIC, for helping me adopt a healthy lifestyle.”
Frederic Thomson

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Our hand-picked and aggressively trained Advanced Care Team (ACT) works around the clock to provide the finest, yet thoughtful, care to thousands of patients every day. Our ACT healthcare model consists of a team of various healthcare providers like physicians, advanced practitioner providers, diagnostics team members, dieticians, exercise physiologists, behavioral health counselors, and pharmacists who provide integrated Personalized Augmented and Comprehensive (PAC) care with touch points throughout the continuum of care.

All our locations and specialties are digitally connected to streamline care and continuity for improved health outcomes and uninterrupted communication. Being recognized year after year by many top national and local institutions for having some of the highest quality scores in patient healthcare delivery, we are helping people, and communities as a whole, live healthier, fuller lives. Within a short span of time, EPIC Health has become an integral part of the communities we serve. Our comprehensive and integrated health centers across Detroit, Southfield, and Ferndale deliver streamlined, continuous care. We pride ourselves in being the primary source of care for thousands of families and highly complex groups.

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