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Diabetes may be complex, managing it shouldn’t be!

At EPIC Health, we can help you manage diabetes in the easiest possible way. Using the latest diagnostic tools and medical care facilities, our American Diabetes Association (ADA) trained experts can help you keep your blood sugar levels well within heathy limits. We make sure you stay healthy and live at your best.

Our Treatment Approach

At EPIC, we follow a personalized diabetes care approach for your absolute wellbeing. From in-office testing to nutritional counseling and lifestyle support, we offer a variety of healthcare services to keep your blood sugar levels under control.

Whether you have been recently diagnosed with diabetes or are managing it for years, we can be your one-stop destination for useful successful diabetes treatment and management.

Diabetes Treatment & Management Services We Provide

We offer a comprehensive range of diabetes care services to help you live at your best. Our diabetic care services include:

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Knowing your blood sugar levels is the first step toward effective diabetes treatment. Our providers monitor your blood glucose levels at regular intervals to create an accurate diabetes treatment plan and prevent future complications.

Annual Physicals & Health Checks

Diabetes often comes uninformed and the only way to catch it early is through regular health checks. Our annual wellness exams can help you detect all the warning signs of diabetes so that you can timely prevent the disease and its associated complications.

Nutritional Counselling

What we eat, and when we eat, has a huge impact on our blood glucose levels. At EPIC, we help you adopt a healthy meal plan that can keep your blood glucose levels under control. Our registered nutritionists are ADA-trained Diabetes Educators who understand your nutritional needs and can

Medicinal Support

Diabetes requires expert medicinal support. Our providers can put you on the right medicinal treatment so that your blood sugar levels stay within healthy limits and do not cause future complications.

Diabetes Care & Education

Diabetes care requires a lot of self-management. At EPIC, we make sure you have a complete understanding of your disease. Our experts empower you with the right tools, tips, and lifestyle practices that can help you live well with diabetes. We can help you learn the:

  • Basics of diabetes
  • Lifestyle modifications required
  • Exercise plan to follow
  • Healthy foods to eat
  • Usage of insulin pump
  • Ways to prevent complications
  • And a lot more

For complete personalized healthcare services and solutions, schedule appointment with our health experts today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the initial symptom of diabetes?

Diabetes often has no initial symptoms. However, after a while, you may experience excessive thirst, fatigue, frequent urination, blurry vision, tingling or pain in hands and feet and slow healing of wounds. 

I have a family history of diabetes. How can you help me reduce my risk for diabetes?
People with a family history of diabetes are always at an increased risk. At EPIC, through regular health checks and lifestyle changes, we can help you reduce your chances of developing the disease.
Is regular testing the only way to catch diabetes?
Yes, diabetes is a silent killer that can sneak up on you without any signs and symptoms. The best way to catch the disease is through regular health checks, when the disease is in its initial stages and you have the most treatment options. So talk to your EPIC Health provider to evaluate your risk.
Can diabetes be cured?
No, once detected, diabetes can only be treated and managed, but not cured. At EPIC, we can help you manage your diabetes most effectively, so that you can maintain an excellent quality of life and stay safe from diabetes-associated complications.
I don’t want to run between hospitals. Can I get all health services under one roof?
EPIC Health is fully equipped to handle your multiple health conditions. Our healthcare providers provide you with the highest quality of care with a commitment to excellence.

EPIC has been providing personalized, comprehensive, state-of-the-art healthcare for over 20 years!

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