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We at EPIC Health have been working hard to support our communities during these tough times. Our EPIC Heroes have endured the many struggles of placing themselves and their families at risk while figuring ways to handle the care needed with the additional strains of room and office sanitizations and servicing our complicated patients health issues.

In the continued efforts to maintain the EPIC Quality care standards we uphold, we are doing in office real time testing with Antigen based Point of care tests. For insured or non-insured patients the fee for the in office rapid testing is $135. These fees are covered under the Care ACT.

Adult Healthcare

EPIC Health is your expert in Chronic and Complex Medical Conditions

Adult healthcare at EPIC Health gives you comprehensive wellness care and treatment for acute and chronic illnesses. Our Primary Care Providers focus on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of acute and chronic diseases and illnesses. The EPIC Health team works hard to keep you in good health by suggesting appropriate preventive care and helping you manage immediate as well as chronic medical conditions. EPIC Primary Care is complemented by our Speciality Care, which allows you to see specialists right in our offices.

Learn more about COVID & How EPIC Health is keeping you safe & healthy

Can EPIC test me for COVID-19/Coronavirus?

Yes, EPIC Health offers COVID testing as well as antibody testing.

What is EPIC Health doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19? How safe is EPIC?

EPIC Health takes all appropriate precautions to minimize patient and staff exposure to COVID-19.

We follow extensive protocols so there will be less than general public exposure.

Many new protocols have been added and changes have been made to reduce any risk:

  • Designated Areas have been assigned for non-exposed and exposed patients
  • Extensive staff training on COVID-19
  • Removal of anything that can be contaminated
  • Masks for those that have respiratory symptoms or have been exposed
  • Alternative visits for patients exposed so they can still get care without coming in
Do I still have to come in to be seen?

EPIC is currently working on Alternative Visit types for certain patient populations to avoid coming to the office:

  • Tele Visit – For pediatric patients without injury, patients recently seen in ER or hospitals
  • Remote Patient Monitoring – After exposure monitoring, high-risk patients with symptoms
  • Chronic Care Management – Complex chronic conditions still need to be seen

Depending on medical conditions, most patients still must be seen and examined. EPIC will be changing processes regularly to protect patients and staff from exposure.

How do I know if my symptoms are consistent with COVID-19/Coronavirus?

 During the Fall and Winter months, it might be harder to tell whether your symptoms are COVID-19 or if you have Flu, a cold, or something else. Check out our informative article on COVID vs. Flu Symptoms.

For the most up to date information on COVID-19 symptoms, visit the CDC’s website.

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