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ACT is our Advanced Chronic Disease Treatment program at EPIC Primary Care.  This custom care program, tailored to you specific chronic care needs, is the result of the best medical research, combined with years of chronic care experience at EPIC PC, with patients just like you!

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Chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and arthritis not only are among the most common and costly of all health problems in the United States but also are among the most preventable, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Early diagnosis and treatment of chronic medical conditions is imperative for all patients. Your EPIC Primary Care team has developed a program that may delay, or possibly halt, progression of many chronic diseases.

Patients in the program right now are seeing significant improvements in the health measurements associated with their disease. They are experiencing lower health distress and fatigue and fewer days in the hospital and few outpatient visits.   There is also evidence to suggest that ACT‘s chronic disease treatment approach may lower your long-term health care costs.

Ask your EPIC PC doctor if you are a candidate for ACT to help manage your chronic health condition.

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I want to feel better, but I don't want a provider who is just going to prescribe me a bunch of medicine
We want to make your life easier! Not make you take multiple trips to the doctor. At EPIC, you can schedule your family’s appointments together. Family members can even see different doctors at the office and we have male and female providers so all your preferences are covered.
I'm always on the go, so I need to be able to schedule appointments easily
We want to make your life easier! Not make you take multiple trips to the doctor. At EPIC, you can schedule your family’s appointments together. Family members can even see different doctors at the office and we have male and female providers so all your preferences are covered.
I have so much going on, so it's hard for me to schedule appointments, do you have extended hours?
We have you covered! EPIC has same-day appointments and week day appointments from 8am to 6pm as well as Saturday appointments to fit your busy schedule. We also offer Virtual TeleHealth visits, so you don’t even need to leave your home for simple things such as test results or follow-up appointments.
I am thinking about switching to EPIC Health, but transferring my medical records from my old provider sounds like such a hassle!
It doesn’t have to be. We know switching providers can be a hassle. So we make it easy! Fill out one request form and we will take care of the rest! Our Care Managers will manage the entire process for you.
I have multiple medical conditions. Are complex cases something EPIC can handle?
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Patient Testimonials

“I have diabetes so it seems like I’m always at the doctor’s office. EPIC makes scheduling appointments easy and everyone in the office is so nice!”
Kendra T.

Ferndale, MI

“I’ve been doing a fitness program with EPIC for almost a year and I’ve lost almost 40 pounds. I feel so much better and my pain level has improved, I can even play basketball with my son without being short of breath now.”
Harrold M.

Detroit , MI

“My husband went in for a routine physical and based on the testing that he had done he was sent over to the Cardiologist. The testing done by EPIC’s Primary Care doctors basically saved his life!”
Beverly & James F.

Southfield, MI

EPIC Health is devoted to the communities we serve. Each of our locations is a community-focused patient healthcare center that provides comprehensive and integrated healthcare support and services to all our patients for highest quality outcomes. Our mission is to provide convenient, affordable, and easily accessible healthcare services to individuals and families in our community. Combining advanced technology with latest diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, cutting-edge practices, innovative research, and a strong network of highly qualified physicians, nurses and allied health professionals, we strive to provide exceptional, high-quality care to all our patients. This has helped us evolve, over the years, from a “traditional” clinic to a comprehensive and integrated healthcare center.

Our hand-picked and aggressively trained Advanced Care Team (ACT) works around the clock to provide the finest, yet thoughtful, care to thousands of patients every day. Our ACT healthcare model consists of a team of various healthcare providers like physicians, advanced practitioner providers, diagnostics team members, dieticians, exercise physiologists, behavioral health counselors, and pharmacists who provide integrated Personalized Augmented and Comprehensive (PAC) care with touch points throughout the continuum of care.

All our locations and specialties are digitally connected to streamline care and continuity for improved health outcomes and uninterrupted communication. Being recognized year after year by many top national and local institutions for having some of the highest quality scores in patient healthcare delivery, we are helping people, and communities as a whole, live healthier, fuller lives. Within a short span of time, EPIC Health has become an integral part of the communities we serve. Our comprehensive and integrated health centers across Detroit, Southfield, and Ferndale deliver streamlined, continuous care. We pride ourselves in being the primary source of care for thousands of families and highly complex groups.

EPIC has been providing personalized, comprehensive, state-of-the-art healthcare for over 20 years!

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